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17 Sep 2019 22:41

Hi guys. 

I need advice if possible. I discovered a painless lump in the bottom of my breast a while ago. It is roughly 2 x 4cm and very hard. But it moves around ans I have no other symptoms. I never thought it was any cause for concern as there is no history of cancer in my family and I'm only in my 30s. However a friend of mine has just lost a battle with breast cancer and is five years my junior and it's made me stop and think. After about a year the lump hasn't changed that I can feel. Still no other symptoms. 

I wish I could explain how much anxiety I get at the thought of getting my boobs out for a doctor. 

Should  I be worried? 


17 Sep 2019 23:28 in response to Mumbum82

Hi there

Welcome to the forum, I personally would not be too worried about a moveable lump but would still want it checked out. Doctors are used to seeing all the different parts of our anatomy, they see it in clinical form, its just flesh to them, so no need to feel anxious. Make that appointment with your GP so you can get it examined. x