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low vitamin d count?

2 Jan 2018 18:01

Hello i oringnally posted here........

But to summerize... i have a small lump on my tibbia above knee. doctor thinks its bone  and sending me off for xray.. the same leg has aches and pains in the foot too. and i went for a ultrasound on my foot and got told i have an enlarged muscle there which has a bit of a bump.

I also had a hemerhoid which i'm getting checked again on the 10th as it seems to have gotton a bit bigger...


my first blood test (3 months or so ago) showed i had borderline U&E - kidney function.

my second showed the same but wasn't worse so they considered this fine...

I got another done recently because of the leg lump and pain. it showed everything fine or as expected other than my Vitamin d being low. Apparently 70 is considered a normal *Score* at my age (24 year old male) but mine is 24...

I'm sometimes tired and my bowels / stools are certainly random in consistancy and frequency. doctor has put this down to ibs.

I'm very axnious that all these symptoms are cancer. and some how related? can you give some sort of opinion please? My doctor doesn't think its cancer when i ask him about it. but i just wanted opinions since getting these blood tests back.


Re: low vitamin d count?

3 Jan 2018 10:13 in response to Petec

Hello Petec and thank you for your post.

I can’t add very much to the good advice that Telemando has given you in the past. Cancer of any kind at your age is rare and it is unlikely that any of the symptoms you have described are cancer related. A low vitamin D count is not unusual in people living in a climate like ours. Public Health England (PHE) says that ‘adults and children over the age of one should have 10 micrograms (mcg) of vitamin D every day’ particularly in winter. There is more about this on the NHS Choices website on the link here.

It is reassuring that your doctor is following up your symptoms and does not suspect that they are cancer related.

If you find that in spite of information and reassurance your anxiety is taking over then it would be helpful to discuss this with your doctor. I mention this as health anxiety can be very exhausting. There is more about health anxiety on the website of Anxiety UK on the link here.

I hope that this information is useful and that your symptoms improve soon.

With kind regards,


Re: low vitamin d count?

3 Jan 2018 11:13 in response to CRUK Nurse Mary

Thank you very much for the reply.

I got a letter through this morning. I think i originally saw my doctor about this around the 23rd. The letter came first class today and the appointment is for tomorrow! (the 4th) i'm just hoping that my doctor wasn't playing down the chances of it being cancer ect and they he booked me in for an emergency appointment? seems a short time to get in for  a xray considering its just been new year and christmas ect.


I'm just hoping all of this is my anxiety going wild Sad

Re: low vitamin d count?

3 Jan 2018 11:37 in response to Petec

Hi Petec

I've been referred for two X rays in the last 12 months. Both times, I could simply visit the local drop in centre at a local hospital, wait about 10-20 minutes and have the picture taken. On the second occasion, I dropped in early the next day and was in and out within 30 minutes. On both times, the actual X ray process took less than 5 minutes. 

I think that while there are long waits in some parts of the NHS, X ray is less of a problem. X rays are particularly quick and a good radiographer can often get through 6-12 patients in an hour. Compare that to 30 minutes or so for an MRI. 

I also think now that your biggest problem isn't your blood test results or the lump on your knee, but your anxiety. I'm concerned that you've received multiple reassurances and yet you appear to be running the same worse case scenarios through your mind, thus driving up your anxiety to an unnecessarily high level. 

Being sick is part of being human, and we all have to face situations where we have tests and face an uncertain outcome. I'm in such a situation myself. No one enjoys this, but at the same time we still have to carry on with living. 

Nurse Mary has suggested that you discuss this with your doctor. That is good advice. You'll also find there have been recent discussions on this site on the benefits of mindfullness and meditation practice. I think you might benefit from this. 


Re: low vitamin d count?

3 Jan 2018 11:55 in response to telemando

You're right. i think when i get new news like this it panicks me. i'm scared of the end result.

I don't think i'll discuss it with my doctor. i think i will just try to relax and stop feeding my anxiety. After my xray tomorrow there will (i imagine) be a wait of around  aweek??? in that time i'll do my best to just not think about it much and trust in my doctor. I'm sure if he thought it was fcancer he would have told me.

Thank you so much for replying to me and helping me out tele and nurse mary. I must seem a little insane. These last few months have just really sent my anxiety into overdrive.

Re: low vitamin d count?

3 Jan 2018 12:20 in response to Petec

When you've had the X ray, as you're leaving you can ask the radiographer how long it will take before the results reach your doctor. I think 5-10 days seems reasonable, but it all depends on how far they're backed up.

Re: low vitamin d count?

4 Jan 2018 11:48 in response to telemando

Well ive had xray. Was very nervous. Lady who was doing it seemed ti think its possible to be osgood schlatter. 

I made the mistake of asking if the xrays looi alright at the end which she replied *im not allowed to comment * this just makes me worry and wonder if she didnt comment because its bad haha. 

Im sure its not. 

Im getting alot of my other symptoms ve worse over the last few days (bowel related) but im pretty sure thats all anxiety related.  

Also getting my foot causing me issues.

Now i guess its a waiting game.

Re: low vitamin d count?

4 Jan 2018 12:39 in response to Petec

Radiographers aren't medically qualified and so aren't allowed to comment - and besides which they only get a quick glimpse of the picture before they move on to the next customer. Sometimes they don't even get that, and no one sees the picture until the film is developed. 

There really is no point asking them and I never do because they can't tell you anything. 

The X ray will be examined by a medically qualified radiologist who will examine the picture carefully and write a report. Note there is a difference between an -ographer (technician) and an -ologist (doctor) Happy

I'm not medically qualified either, but I think it's likely all your other symptoms are being caused by anxiety.  But you can discuss them next time you see your doctor. 


Re: low vitamin d count?

9 Jan 2018 12:18 in response to telemando

hello! i am pleased to tell you that after ringing today to see if my results are in. The receptionist told me no further action is required. The results showed no abnormalities.

So this i think eliminates anything serious? this has put me in a good mood.

I still wonder why i have a lump and pain around it ect. but it eliminates cancer i believe!

Re: low vitamin d count?

9 Jan 2018 14:52 in response to Petec

It sounds like you've got a similar thing to my wife. A benign bone lump.

However, if I recall correctly, yours is hurting which I suppose is due to the pressure on other tissues. You might like to go back to your doctor to discuss the long term management. If it proves too problematic, it can be removed surgically. However, that's getting ahead of ourselves. 

I hope now you can stop worrying!