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21 Apr 2017 07:03

So my Mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer last year in September just before I started university and has now deteriorated very fast the Nurse says.

This is all hard to deal with as I know the odds really aren't looking good as she's lost so much weight, her stomach has really bloated up and they say they can't remove the fluid in her stomach anymore which is really frustrating as I thought they would at least try make her comfortable even if the cancer is no longer responding to the chemotherapy. 

Its just incredibly difficult to even consider that my Mother whom is also my best friend (the only parent I have as my Father pasted away years ago)will pass she is only 43 and I'm 21 my younger sisters are 15 and 9. Luckily for them they have their Father still with them as we are half siblings but they will still need our Mother in life. 

Re: Lost

21 Apr 2017 18:32 in response to Confused21


Hi there,

It is so sad to hear of someone as young as your mum with terminal cancer.It must be extremely difficult for you being so much older than your siblings. This has come at a particularly trying time for you when you are coping with your university study as well. It is so challenging for you to keep strong for your mum and her second family.

I don't know whether or not it would help you, but there are many organisations that can offer you alternative therapies and counselling (all free of charge). Many of us feel that we don't want to discuss our feelings face-to-face with another, or think that we don't. However, many find counselling a great help with coping strategies, etc.

I wish that I could do more for you all at this sad time. Unfortunately, I can't. I shall pray for you all and wish you strength.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: Lost

21 Apr 2017 23:24 in response to Confused21

Hi Confused, 

Sorry to hear this about your mum, I feel for you and your younger siblings. My mum has just been diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am in my last year of my nursing degree. I know it's hard, but you  need to keep going. My mum is my best friend and the thought of losing her is unbearable, I have a brother who is 15 months older than me. Having a tight family unit is important at times like this. Just remember you are going through this too and even though you need to be strong for the others you need to have time to digest what is happening and have a release. 

Wishing you strength and sending love to you all through this hard time xx

Love Beckie xx

Re: Lost

25 Apr 2017 15:02 in response to Beckie

Thank you for the kind responses. Unfortunately my Mother passed away this Saturday 22/04/2017 at 13:10 it is beyond devastating and it still has not sunk in I have cried so much I thought my head would explode from the head ache. I hope now she is no longer in pain. I shall try and get in touch with councillors especially for my younger sisters it must be even harder for them to understand things.