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Losing hair

19 Sep 2019 07:59

Hi everyone,

I posted not so long back about my symptoms and have finally been referred to the breast clinic but the long 2 week wait is sending me nuts to be honest. Along with the visions I've been having for a while now about death and my other symptoms and lump in my boob getting bigger, can you lose your hair with breast cancer without chemo because it's been happening for a while but even more so now. There  are little dents on my right boob and swollen glands or lymph nodes are now a problem in my armpit and neck, I've lost my appetite nearly completely now, I'm so tired and weak 98% of the time, I'm nauseous, I have insomnia which is only getting worse I'm probably only getting about 3 hours sleep if that a night, my headaches are becoming more frequent and the rapid heart rate comes more when I stand up, I don't even have to be doing anything for me to be out of breath and dizzy and to be honest should I be thinking the or preparing for the worst here? I just don't know anymore. I feel so unwell I just want to feel better I'm nearly 28 so I'm not exactly on the older scale but I sure do feel like it  

Losing hair

19 Sep 2019 13:38 in response to TJF91

You can loose your hair if you are iron deficient my hair is falling out I had my bloods took last week came back low iron is a source to maintain a good health but it fuels the oxygen our bodies needs so if there's not enough it steals it from hair folicules which then the hair falls out I hope this answers your question get your ferritin levels checked the answer could just be there for you xx