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Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

19 Oct 2021 15:18 in response to MickeyM

Hi Mickey, 

I'm just home and feeling strangely calm. Also having a wee drink, which is helping. Barely touched alcohol since I found my lump, but I think some days call for a medicinal tipple. That's ok, isn't it?!

So, it's been a long day - consultant put my appointment back an hour, then was running late so I had another hour wandering around the hospital grounds (not pretty!).  And after all that I don't have much new to report - it was all strangely as I was expecting. Confirmed cancer. But grade 2, small and treatable so I'm still incredibly grateful for that. It's likely I'll need a lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy and Tamoxifen. I can cope with that.

Not everyone was at the MDT meeting this morning so they're going to discuss my case again next week and I should get more info after that. I'll probably need an MRI scan before surgery to make sure nothing was missed (I have very dense breasts apparently) which could mean more biopsies and more waiting (please no!!!). But at least then they could operate on any other issues at the same time. 

I burst into tears at the end - relief at the wait being over, finally knowing, and the fact that it's treatable. It's such a strange and ridiculous situation, having cancer yet feeling grateful.

Anyway, just wanted to update you first. I've sent you a friend request, no pressure at all, but just in case you ever want to chat away from the public forum. I'll go update the lovely ladies on the other thread now (apologies for repeating myself!).

Hope you're doing ok today and you have a good week.

Here for you too!




Looking for support (breast cancer diagnosis)

19 Oct 2021 15:23 in response to JJ73

Hi Jenny, I've accepted the request and will reply there. You deserve that glass of wine xx big well done hugs for getting through today x love Mickey xx