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Long term problems

8 Nov 2017 13:23

Hi sorry to keep asking obscure questions...

Have spent last night in a and e an this morning in eye clinic  in excruciating pain in my eye ..had this before flaring up over the years... told it's sceritis of eye an auto immune disease related to rheumatoid arthritis...don't think I have this although have chronic pain in my wrist and other joints since the early 90s though no swelling (and obviously no blood test) ...could this be related to the ALL ,do I just have a poor immune  system or is it co-incidental? 


Re: Long term problems

8 Nov 2017 13:39 in response to Midnightfish

Hi again,

No need to apologise, obscure questions are what we're here for.

By coincidence, while I was trying to work out what had caused my cataracts (the steroids I was on to combat chemo-induced nausea), I stumbled across a causal link between chemo and scleritis, as well as a possible link between lymphoma and scleritis.

Just Google the two key words and the you'll get the same results.

It never rains, but it pours!

Best wishes




Re: Long term problems

8 Nov 2017 16:57 in response to davek

Thanks ,Have done as you suggest eventually typing scleritis and acute lymphoblastic leukemia...starting to regretting as it gave 2 case studies both of whom relapsed after over10 years...what  next ? Scarred midnighfish