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Lobular cancer diagnosed

11 Apr 2019 20:55

Today I have been diagnosed with grade two lobular cancer. I have 2 'masses' that the mammograms can't read so I need an mri to find out the sizes before the oncologist will discuss a treatment plan.I know I will need hormone treatment and radiotherapy but the breast care nurse wouldn't commit to whether I need chemotherapy. Can anyone offer support/advice?

Lobular cancer diagnosed

12 Apr 2019 00:34 in response to DiddyDi68


Hi DiddyDi,

A very warm welcome to our community. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Your oncologist won't know what your treatment will entail until he gets the results of your MRI. This is the reason that your breast care nurse cannot commit to any specific treatment for you as yet.

This is always an anxious time. You will feel better once you know exactly what your diagnosis is and start to have treatment.

I hope that you get your MRI soon. Do please let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Lobular cancer diagnosed

12 Apr 2019 09:41 in response to DiddyDi68

Hi diddy

I too was diagnosed with 2 lumps- 1 lobular and 1 ductal- both invasive. Grade 2 because of the lobular. 

I had no symptoms, no lumps, pain, dimpling etc .... nothing- caught on routine screening. 

I know you are scared now.... it’s very early days - it will get better.... usually when you have your treatment plan. 

Understand everyone is different so I can only tell you my experience... 13 wks and 2 days from date of diagnosis to last day of treatment. Lumpectomy (was less of a deal I had made it to be in my head) 15 sessions of radiotherapy (5 days each wk for 3 wks). It was oestrogen receptive so I’m on letrozole for 10 yrs. 

My diagnosis was 2 yrs ago in August. 

I am back to living my life Happy remember everyone’s journey is their own and this was mine. I hope yours is as good as it can be too Happy

The MRI you are having is a pretty standard course of action ( I had one too) they want as much information as possible to ensure they give you the best treatment for your needs. 

So... deep breaths lass you can do this - you are stronger than you think ❤️



Lobular cancer diagnosed

15 Apr 2019 08:49 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra my first time posting here your story sounds similar to mine I’ve just been diagnosed with invasive lobular I found a lump they thought it was cysts but biopsies proved grade 2 positive to oestrogen  I’m having a lumpectomy in 2 weeks with sentinel node biopsies   They don’t know yet if I’ll need chemo but I’ll have radiotherapy and tamoxifen  they mentioned Oncotype DX testing for deciding on chemo  did u have any chemo


im wondering about returning to work after lumpectomyand starting next step what do people do it might be a month in between thank you all for support in advance 


Lobular cancer diagnosed

15 Apr 2019 18:28 in response to Swiperbaby.11


Hi Swiperbaby,

A very warm welcome to our community. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It must have been quite a shock to get a cancer diagnosis when you thought that you had cysts. When they do the Oncotype DX test, you will be given a rating for possible recurrence. Below a cerain figure you wont need chemo, but above it you will.

I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer in the past 9 years. First time around I had a lumpectomy, but the second time I had a double mastectomy.  You ask about how soon you should return to work after your lumpectomy. Different people heal at different rates, due to many different factors. It will normally take 4-6 weeks before you are well enough healed to have any further treatment.

It probably also depends upon what work you do. You will be advised to avoid heavy lifting after surgery. If your job entails any lifting, you may need to take a little longer off work. I went back to work within 2 weeks and it really was too soon, as my breast was quite tender for a few months after surgery. I live in a street with speed humps and, found these quite difficult to traverse for a few months afterwards.

I hope that all goes well for your lumpectomy. Will be thinking of you in 2 weeks.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. We are always here for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Lobular cancer diagnosed

15 Apr 2019 20:07 in response to Swiperbaby.11

Hi swiperbaby

welcome although sorry you find yourself here.

I too had sentinel nodes taken. Fortunately I had both clear margins and nodes. Due to this and I suspect my age (60 st time of diagnosis) I did not need chemo.... nor did I have onco testing. 

I had taken early retirement at 60 ( was diagnosed 6 mths later) I did not return to work. I am tagging @rileyroo ‍ As although her time line is a little different to mine her treatment was similar. Rileyroo did return to work so hopefully can give a bit more detail on that Happy

as I mentioned earlier everyone is different so my experience was... the lumpectomy and node op was no where near as big of a deal I had made it up to be in my head. Done as day case. In early with bits nd bobs of prep...mostly sitting around waiting. The room I was in had 3 other ladies having the same op so we pulled our chairs together (we didn’t get a bed) and chatted... one by one we went for op. As each came back they were talking and telling us how they felt .... which was....fine. I was last to go down ( I think about 4pm ish) I came back from mine had BP check, tea nd toast, wee then told to call for my lift home. I was back home and having soup by 9 pm. I had no pain but took 2 paracetamol before I went to bed ( they did give me stronger pain control but didn’t need it). Next day no pain, bit tender( you know ... wouldn’t want to bump it Wink but went t shops for a look around and pub for lunch. Now.... remember this was me.... I hope yours goes as well as it can too :-). 

Any questions....ask away. Lots on here been there done that or going through the same.

you can do this..... you are stronger than you think. So... deep breaths and try to look on this pre op time as time off from everything hospital and do you things.❤️ Here if you need us x