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Lobectomy next week. Feeling anxious

7 Mar 2018 20:01

Hi all

I'm trying to stay as posative as I can but I am due in surgery on the 14th for a middle lobectomy on my right lung. I have a neuroendocrine/carcinoid tumour. I was just wondering if anybody on here could give me a little advice on the recovery side of things as there seems to be very little information to go on.

Love to you all jo xx

Re: Lobectomy next week. Feeling anxious

8 Mar 2018 00:28 in response to Jo13

Hi there no ... l know how scary this time is just waiting for things to happen and it feels never ending ... wishing it will never come yet wishing it was over ... I can't help with recovery times for you as I had mastectomy... but just wanted to send you a big hug brave lass ... maybe good idea to contact your oncology nurses and tell them you'd like more info on after care ... take care ... chrisie xx

Re: Lobectomy next week. Feeling anxious

10 Mar 2018 15:18 in response to Jo13
Hi Jo, Im also having a lobectomy , on the 15th march on my upper left lung. It is very very scary, but we are in the best hands possible the surgeons are all fantastic, and the staff on the wards are all specialists in our post op care. can i ask which hospital you will be in ?

Re: Lobectomy next week. Feeling anxious

11 Mar 2018 00:13 in response to Jo13

Hi I had the op six weeks ago , for the first four weeks I was really tired and suddenly felt better . Now on week six and feel just about normal. Had my op in Edinburgh and first-class treatment hope your experience is similar 

Re: Lobectomy next week. Feeling anxious

12 Mar 2018 18:09 in response to Jo13

Hi my name is Monique and I have had a lunglobectomy in 2015 for melanoma cancer of which the cancer grew so far on my left lung that they had to cut more than half of my lung off. I was in ICU for 3 days to monitor and exercise the lung and then in High Care for another 2 days. I had 2 drain pipes right under my left breast and had to take deep breath in and out to drain access fluids. Now I didn't have major pain but felt uncomfortable with the cut on my shoulder blade. I fully recovered but can definitely feel a difference when I exercise. Don't be nervous the technology of today is very good and so are the  Dr's. Good luck I pray everything goes well and may you have a speedy recovery.