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Leukoplakia on sublingual fold

8 Feb 2019 21:16

My partner had his biopsy results a few days ago he has dysplasia on a sublingual fold white area which I take is leukoplakia. I have read that leukoplakia on the sublingual fold has a very high risk of becoming malignant I’m so so scared. Anyone suffered from this. Any advice would be helpful 

Leukoplakia on sublingual fold

11 Feb 2019 09:26 in response to Worriedpartner80

I'm sorry for the amount of worry this is causing you worriedpartner.

I can see you've received some useful information and advice from some of our members and cancer nurses already but I just thought I'd make you aware of this discussion in case you wanted to chat to other members who will understand what you're going through at the moment.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Leukoplakia on sublingual fold

11 Feb 2019 18:20 in response to Moderator Steph

hi awaiting phone call from consultant this week so I can find out the finer details of my partners diagnosis. I was alarmed to read on the science direct website and a couple of others that having displaysia on the floor of mouth and being a non smoker you are at 45% higher risk of it progressing to cancer than if you were a smoker is this true. I also noticed today further back on my partners sublingual fold he has a ulcer looking thing with a red bit beside it I’m scared this is it now progressed to cancer . I’ve read this could be Erythroleukoplakia or Erythroplakia.