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Leukaemia / lymphoma

15 Jul 2016 19:51


   I've posted here before about suspected bowel cancer concerns. I had a colonoscopy yesterday which was normal. But also had an ultrasound which shows an enlarged, bulky spleen & my bloods continue to be abnormal, so I am now awaiting an urgent haematology referral, for suspected cancer.  

The GP couldn't elaborate any more and suggested we wait to see the specialist.  I am having more bloods and seeing the GP again Monday & hope they may have a time scale for the wait then. 

I'm 30, with an 18 month old child.  I am not taking it well, neither is my husband.


It would be helpful to hear other people's stories of blood cancers. And especially to hear any tips to get us through this weekend of waiting! 





Re: Leukaemia / lymphoma

17 Jul 2016 09:48 in response to Tad85

Hi Tad, 

I'm sorry that the GP wasn't able to tell you much but hopefully when you see them tomorrow they will be able to let you know when you will get to see the specialist.

It can be hard to relax and stay in the moment when your mind is full of worry but if you can try to distract yourself and stay busy. I see you mention you have a young child. Maybe you could have a nice family day out somewhere? And remember it's Sunday now so the wait is almost over. 

Many of our members have been in the same situation and I'm sure they will be along soon to offer their advice and share their experiences with you.

Good luck for your appointment tomorrow, we'll be thinking of you.

Do come back to let us know how you get on.

Wishing you all the best, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator