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left breast and arm pain

2 Dec 2019 20:58

Hi for the past 2/3 weeks i have had breast pain to the extent my left breast is enlarged, feels heavier and hot to touch.

I also have a dull ache in my left arm pit and down the top of my arm.

I was thinking it may be cycle related but have also completely skipped/missed a period :/ My breast also has more noticable veins on the surface.

Im not pregnant as have taken a test haha . 

left breast and arm pain

4 Dec 2019 09:27 in response to Twiggy87

Hello and thanks for posting,

Unfortunately, we can't tell you what the matter is. So do go and see your GP. It might be a breast infection. But your GP can assess and advise you.

It isn't very likely to be anything serious in someone of your age, so try to not worry. 

I hope that this gets sorted out soon.

Best wishes,