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just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 20:29

Hey everyone,

Just to say I and ask apologies.
I've been absent for many time and i'm sorry for tha - and probably I will be again- but I remember this place many times, and talk about it to the others- and thought that probably some of you are concern about me, like i am about some of you. so today I came to check  and see who still on here and to say that I finished chemo on 24th april and radio on 24th July.
I will have a PET soon and I hope i'm still on remission.
Many things happened during this time...hard stuff and good stuff =D it's always like this.

Now i'm in a good phase of mood and life, I hope it will continue like that.
I hope all of you find your peaceful time and achieve your goals of cure, grief or whatever you looking for.

All my Love, Sofia

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 20:40 in response to sofia


It is lovely to hear from you.  I have thought about you many times.  Brian will be delighted to hear from you when he reads this,  your name comes up often here on cancerchat as he always adds a quote to your link 'Amazing Quotes' - I always see the bunny appearing back on the screen and think of you.  I am glad to hear you have come through your treatments and are able to relax and enjoy life once again - you so deserve it.  Welcome back!

And no need to apologise at all, you've had enough to contend with - just glad to hear from you, Kathryn xx

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 21:27 in response to katielouie

Hi Katie

Thank you for you kind words and thoughts! Oh, the amazing quotes, I read some of them the thread is so huge, wow i'm shocked!

I feel like I need to ask appologie cause I'm in fault with everyone and specially with whom who named me as "cancerchat hero", oh so shamed of me. I'm miles of way of supporting peolpe lately and on anither hand i'm asking appologies and knwoing that i will do the same again because i'm focus on other things right now and somtimes avoiding PC and internet cause I just need to stay away of home =D

But I will try to connect with this chat sometimes (with more frequency than lately), even if just to say "hi" or share something.

And once you talked about Brian I will utilize this to ask appologies  to him and to Garf, cause I saw o thread that they were concern with me. And GARF, sorry. I didn't see any email from you....peopl told me that I didn't answer them recently, so I suppose I have a problem with my email box... I have had many troubles relating to my mail issues...

Kissm, Sofia

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 21:41 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

I am so very pleased to hear you are okay and in remission. We have been worried about you so it is so nice to hear from you again. Like Katielouie said, You have no need to apologise for not being in contact for you have had a pretty rough time of it over the past months and have had so much going on in your life. Garf will also be pleased for he asked the other week if anyone had heard from you.

I am so pleased you are in a good phase of your life and like you I hope this will continue. Please take care and I wish you all the very best, Brian

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 22:17 in response to sofia


It's lovely that you have surfaced again, I often wondered how you were and what was happening to you.

I am so glad that you are in a good place at the moment, long may this continue.

So far my check ups at the hospital have been all good and I am generally well.

Having been given the diagnosis of cancer last christmas I put a bit of a bucket list together and am well on with my first objective and hope to achieve it in the New Year.

Recently I have become a grandmother and that has been wonderful.

I do hope you continue well Sophie and come on here from time to time.

best wishes

Annabel. xx

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

11 Oct 2013 22:26 in response to sofia


You were made a cancerchat hero for the support you have already offered on here (and people can still read the older messages you sent, so your messages continue to help people) - it does not mean that you must chain yourself to your PC though - dont be hard on yourself !  Just glad to hear that you're doing so well.  Kathryn 

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

12 Oct 2013 11:08 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia,

It is so good to see your name on this site again and even better to know you are doing so well and in a pretty good place right now.

I'm afraid I was one of the many who were woried about you but as long as you are recovering well after everything you have been through then that is all I care about.

I cant say much more right now except look after yourself and I hope you don't leave it too long before you come back.

Garf. x

Re: just to say hi and ask apologies

12 Oct 2013 13:03 in response to sofia


It was great to read your recent post and to know that things are well with you.  No need for apologies on this forum; just good to catch up on the news of those that have posted before and just wanted to wish you all the very best in whatever you are doing. Stay well. Best wishes Jules