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Just curious

9 Oct 2019 10:59

I've been referred on the 2 week pathway thing, going next Thursday to see specialist.

But today I was at my drs having a blood test because my GP wanted a repeat doing after the past one 4 weeks ago. 

So two things.

The nurse doing it asked if I'd heard from the referral,  is it something that flags up on the system now or do they just have access to notes when doing bloods? I'm not bothered, just curious as to how it works really. I've always been nosey. 

Also not sure the point on having repeat blood test when I'm at haemotology next week anyway where they're likely to take bloods too. It just seems a bit pointless is all. 

Just curious

9 Oct 2019 12:05 in response to Moog

Hi moog most results now go straight to Dr computer link within hours of hospital knowing there all joined or supposed to be nowadays, your repeat test could be different tests next one, checking different things,,. Best wishes.. Billy 

Just curious

9 Oct 2019 15:47 in response to Moog

Hello and thank you for posting a question. I am sorry to learn that you are waiting to see a specialist.

I cannot really answer any of your questions. This is because practices may vary depending on the GP surgery. Bloods are often taken by a phlebotomist who may or may not be a nurse. They would not usually have access to full medical notes as this would not be needed. But there are a few notes on the blood request form that might be relevant to the person's case.

The fact that you have been referred urgently would be on your medical records at your GP surgery. But I don't know how prominent this information would be.

With regards to the bloods being repeated, it can sometimes be useful to know if things are changing and if so how fast it is happening. It may be, as Billy suggested, that additional blood tests are being taken which are looking at different things. So this may be why the bloods have been repeated, but in truth I don't really know. It might just be that the hospital want an up to date result.

I hope that you have a useful consultation when you are seen tomorrow. Please get back to us if you have any other questions. If you would like to telephone the number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Kind regards,