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Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

22 Jan 2018 13:54

Hello everyone im 52 and just been diagnosed with lung cancer. I am due to have my first appointment with my specialist tomorrow. I'm  scared to say the least. I went to my gp with a cough that is had for 3 weeks had an xray and CT scan and it's in the top of my right lung. I just don't know how I feel at the moment

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

22 Jan 2018 14:49 in response to valerie140765

Hello valerie.  Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis; I can understand that it is scarey to get this information.  Sometimes people when diagnosed need to take a bit of time out to get themselves used to what they have learned.  When you do want to talk you should share this information with your nearest and dearest - do your loved ones know about what is happening at the moment?  

If you type "lung cancer" into the heading marked "Search forum" you will find posts from others who have experiences of lung cancer with whom you might like to talk.  In any event I hope that people will read your post and give you the benefit of their own experiences also.  I hope this will help you in coming to terms with your diagnosis.

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

28 Jan 2018 22:04 in response to valerie140765


how did the appointment with specialist go? I hope you are ok.


Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 12:04 in response to Anuska

Hi since my last post I have been told the cancer has partially collapsed my lung I have had a bronchoscopy and a pet scan and then a week later I've had a lung function test tomorrow I go to see the specialist for the results. I believe if all the tests confirm what the specialist first thought I will be having surgery to remove my right lung. It's all been mad and on the 1st of February my father passed away he had bladder cancer xx

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 12:57 in response to valerie140765

Oh my goodness, valerie.  How are you coping?  I hope you have people supporting you and your family at this awful time.  The big picture is so heartbreaking for you and your family I think you can only take things one day at a time.  Please consider, for instance, ringing MacMillan Cancer Support (0808 808 0000) as this is too hard to bear at the same time.  MacMillan will listen to you and help you as much as they can.  Please also post here to let your feelings out if it helps you to do so.

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 14:54 in response to Annieliz

Thank you I feel as though I have been in a bubble. Dad had a kidney drain put in on the hope it would give him another 4 to 6 months unfortunately he only lasted 8 weeks in that 8 weeks he had list a tremendous amount of weight and by the end he no longer looked like my dad. He was aware of my diagnosis and I feel he had given up himself in order for me to concentrate on myself. I am so so scared of what the specialist will say tomorrow but I do take each day at a time and I will go with whatever they suggest I don't feel like life will ever be the same again xxx

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 15:06 in response to valerie140765

Hi Valerie, Wishing you the very best of luck tomorrow. Lung cancer is very scary, and makes people thnk the worst, but I know that if it is confined to your lung you have a great chance of a full recovery. xx Harry

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 15:18 in response to Harry2

Hi Harry from the initial CT scan they seemed to think it is purely just in the lung. Hence having the bronchoscopy and pet scan. The thought of losing a lung petrifies me. I guess it's the post op that scares me but thank you for you reassurances hopefully tomorrow will answer all the questions. I'm wondering how quickly they would operate as my dad's funeral is 14th February but I have decided already that my priority has to be me thank you xx val xx

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 15:29 in response to valerie140765

Very good that they think it's confined to the lung. Yes, losing a lung isn't great. But I think I read somewhere (I'm not a medic) that the remaining lung 'expands' to take over a lot of the functionality, so you don't lose half your breathing capacity. You lose a lot less than that. And you may get very positive news tomorrow, meaning you do not lose a whole lung, plus you get confirmation that it is confined to the lung. But the waiting is really stressful, and everyone on this site knows what that is like. xx 

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 15:33 in response to Harry2

Thank you I will let you know the outcome tomorrow xxx

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

5 Feb 2018 23:21 in response to valerie140765

Good luck for tomorrow!

Best wishes


Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

6 Feb 2018 16:08 in response to davek

Hi well I have non small cell lung cancer adenocarcinoma thankfully it is confined to the lung funny how i feel happy that I don't have to have surgery even relieved. They are waiting for the biopsy results as they are being tested in Birmingham they left gloucester last week. I am due to see my cancer specialist on Thursday hopefully he will have decided the course of treatment they have said it could be chemo radio or a tablet you take everyday for the rest of your life or a mixture I never thought I would feel this way but it's only in my lung which is such good news weird!!!!!

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

7 Feb 2018 18:27 in response to valerie140765

Hi Valerie, my wife has a collapsed lung like you, she has carcinoid cancel of right lung at the bottom, we’re waiting like you for biopsy and maybe a pet test, then if ok an op to remove half her lung, it horrible waiting for results and fills us with fear, life just feels like it’s stopped 

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

7 Feb 2018 18:39 in response to Hyacinth01

Hi yes my partner and I said our lives are on hold. My cancer is at the top of my right lung and it is in the nodes in the lung so surgery is now not an option I am meeting my cancer specialist tomorrow hopefully the biopsy results are through then treatment will be decided I was very lucky and had my bronchoscopy and pet scan done one day after the other. Can't tell you how relieved I was when then say no to surgery and I'm sure in reality that is the better option. I do hope you don't have to wait too long and good luck xxx

Re: Just been diagnosed with lung cancer

7 Feb 2018 19:02 in response to valerie140765

I know Valerie, Dawns 57 non smoker but has arthritis, as well as other things, she’s sleeping now , but would normally be bouncy and talking to me, your so brave and. I am not, in tears all the time and depressed , don’t know where I am