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Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

22 May 2020 23:20 in response to Lindyluu

Hey Linda

I was wondering how it went for you, glad to year you are dotty now too and ready for next week. Tuesday, same as Carla then and me just over a week after that on the 04th.

Ha ha funny you should mention the hairs, I had the same on Friday.  I only noticed when i was getting ready to leave, sprouting long hairs like im 12 again!  I was hoping they woulnd't come back as i've been told not to shave as i have no feeling their and mustn't cut myself.  So lying on the bed, i also had to apologise, i felt sooo embarassed.  I'm sure they must see all sorts anyways eh!  When i went back on Monday i tried my bikini trimmer under my arm, which was easy enough, will have to see when they grow back.  I've got veet cream now but never used it before so hope it will be ok. 

So 2 weeks for your rads then, it will fly by.  Hey if we can manage almost 6 months of chemo rads will be walk in the park eh.

Thanks for the advice on the creams ladies.  They actually didn't say anything to me about moisturising but i remember you saying Davia thats its important to start as soon as.  I do anyways every time i shower.  My skin is still so dry from chemo. 

Thanks for the heads up too about delayed side effects Davia, no doubt I'll be asking you again in a months time.

After my walk today i felt my hand had swollen and was sore to the touch, like i had bashed it and bruised.  i guess walking with all the blood rushing down.  i could see my fingers were swollen too. I do still get strange twinges and in my chest too.  its still weird i dont have feeling in my arm pit and down my arm.  i still have the lump but its smaller now and when i mentioned it to the radiologist she couldn't really notice.  When i have my arms up it looks like there is no lump.  Its still so tender to  the touch and some of it is flab, great!  I realised that when i looked at my right arm, erm yeah i have back flab.  How do you get rid of it?!

Hope you doing ok today Karyn.  You have a lot to contend with and June seems to be the month when its all happening. One step at a time eh. 

I was watching a programme last night called the Rookie, quite easy going.  Anyways one of the cops was giving the other some advice as they were waiting for test results and they said "Focusing on the fear is not going to change the outcome" And that hit home for me, as so often we focus on what can go wrong rather than what we have done and achieved.  I know at times easier said than done with what we are going through, but that statement resonated with me and something i needed to hear. 


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:02 in response to Mich8

Hi mitch 

Just read your post, when your hand fells swollen lift it up, like put your hand up as if your in school and getting teacher attention lol it is the fluid poing in hand, try the scarf thing, or if you have a zip front top, zip it up to boob level and put hand in to support it and when you put cream on hold arm up and brush cream on in downward strokes, from wrist to arm pit, you most probably do this but just in case  

Best way to get rid of back flab is church bell ringing or rowing lol but church towers are closed, so maybe rowing lol 

I love that saying "focusing on the fear isn't going to change it" we all need to have this written down where we can see it daily, so very true, thank you for that x

Oh just in case, my sister when she had rads was told not to use veet and be very carful shaving as it could make the area more sensative when having RT maybe ask them first

I have numb arm pit and parts of arm to, I don't think it will ever recover fully, again my sister who had full clearence 10 years ago still has numb arm pit and upper arm, but she said it just becomes normal.

Have good weekend enjoy sunshine keep well xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:12 in response to mumof3angels

Hi Karyn 

Feel stupid now, breast plastic what am I like lol, are they going to try and conserve your nipples? Again with judi the managed to keep her nipples, but I don't think that is always possible.

I'm sure after all the opps you will feel better, they say 4 months but after 4 weeks you will feel better, but will just need to take things very easy, you did chemo, you can do this xxx

I'm not doing to bad, just get very frustrated when I expected to feel better than this by now, but I have taken your advice and slowed myself right down and it works, when I was doing to much I would ruin the whole next day as I was so exhausted, so better to be a snail and feel OK the next day, it does make me feel like a really old woman mind, lol 

Hope you have a really calm relaxing weekend 

Sending hugs xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:19 in response to SueBea

Hi Sue

How are you doing? Has it made it any easier now you've made decision not to have Cape?

I think we're all finding it that much harder as we can't get out and take our minds off this for even a few min, like you say, if we could meet up properly with friends we may have times of respite from the constant churning in the brain,  it's hard even to motivate, I've done garden, made pop up  birthday cards, new craft for me, sewed drain bags for hospital, I'm crafted out.

I hope in time we will start to feel better and more relaxed, sending you calming hugs xxxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:28 in response to Lindyluu


Don't mention hair, I am sprouting out everywhere, I'm sure there is far more than I had before I started treatment, gross coming up!! I had to use my hubby's nasel Trimmer! And I'm sporting loads of facial fluff, I tweezer any big hairs but don't know if I should wax the sides of my face, it's terrible, and I shave one arm pit, I'm not allowed to do the other one as like mitch I have no feeling in it and I'm not allowed to nik it, to be fair there is hardly any hair that side, so not to noticeable, but I don't wear sleeveless, maybe later I will try veet.

Let us know how you get on with your 5 intense and 5 boosters, sounds interesting, hope it all goes well, if your arms are in holder's for longer than normal maybe take paracetamol before you go, you may get cramp, I did by the end, I had 15 but only took 20 min from placing me right and zapping. 

Good luck sending hugs xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:30 in response to Claire12

Hi Claire how is it going, did you have any after effects from rads?

Hope your OK, sending hugs, xxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 00:41 in response to goldendoodle

Hi, really sorry to hear about your daughter, it's such a very hard time for you both, one thing, DON'T GOOGLE  its so outdated and all you get are the negative side of anything, lots of ladies have had successful outcomes, your daughter will get her plan and once she has that and starts on the treatments you and she will feel more posative. There are charities like Mcmillan who have nurses you can chat to, or just someone who will listen to you no matter what you want to say, and Breast Care is another great charity, they have, someone like me, a person they buddy up with your daughter who has had same diagnosis and got through, they are brilliant, I've used this service. 

But we are all hear if you need to chat or ask anything, 

Sending you and your daughter BIG HUGS  xxxxx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 01:00 in response to Davia

Davia mines sprouting out everywhere like its on bogof!! I am very dark haired almost black so ive always had hair on the side of my face but I always wax it, can you believe the 1st thing what came back was my moustache Laugh that was soon waxed away lol my hair is starting to thicken now but it has some white in it which I never had before, the chemo nurse did say it could come back grey, it's starting to darken now so fingers crossed the white goes.

Thanks for the tip about my arms I'll take 2 paracetamol before I go xx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:17 in response to Saftmom

Hi Carla,

Thanks for advice. Yesterday, we were shaking with fear all day, talking to a few nurses, and nurse and doc came by to take bloods in preparation for CT scan.

Yes, Sacha will be having a genetics test to see if she carries the gene.  Although there are no breast cancers my side, her father may of,  he is of Jewish descent.  I think they are at higher risk of this gene.

Really appreciate your help, Sacha can't focus to chat here, but hoping she will soon.

Lovely kind words you sent. xx

Take care,

Jan xx


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:23 in response to SueBea

Hi Sue,

Thanks for your lovely kind words, means so much hearing this, so overwhelmed how supportive you all are when you are all fighting a terrible war yourselves.

I have been googling, sorry, and what a minefield! A lady online who seems v nice advising Sacha not to eat or drink soya.  We are veggies/vegan, so now worried if this has caused the cancer? 

Oh dear!

Thank you, your adivce has helped. 

Best wishes,

Mum Jan xx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:24 in response to goldendoodle

Jan I was so sorry to read about your daughter, how terrifying for you all. I would echo the advice already given, do not google! You only see the bad, not the good. Treatment is so good and advancing all the time.


Any time you or your daughter want to chat we're here to support you.



Much love to your family x

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:29 in response to Lindyluu

Hi Linda,

Thanks for your reply, means a lot to me.  I never expected you ladies to send such support.

I am not sure how this forum works, just wanted to know more from triple negative ladies as doc and nurses said it is rare.

She has to go back 4th June, v worried if the lump will grow out of control between these dates as it has appearred from nowhere.  Scared of it spreading before treated.

Take care ,

Best wishes,

Mum Jan xx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:34 in response to Davia


Sorry I do not know your name, but  thanks for replying. Yes, Sacha feels v isolated, but luckily she has lots of friends who have been rocks.  Young men and women which has surprised me how caring they are. 

I will write another post on her update, no so sure how to use this forum, so many threads.

Best wishes , take care

Mum Jan 


Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:40 in response to Mich8

Hi Mich8,

Thank you for your support, I will pass on the app advice etc. to my daughter who can then use this when she has more focus.

All has been v helpful as Sacha is a lost sould wandering around in a vast desert.

Best wishes

take care,

Mum Jan xx

Just been diagnosed, BC - triple negative

23 May 2020 07:56 in response to Claire12

Hi Claire12, 

Thanks for your kind words, tears well up reading all your kind advice.

I did lose a very dear friend of mine to breast cancer 2 years ago, she battle many years and also suffered many problems from her husband who was awful. He went off with women whilst she was having treatment.

I also have a dear friend who had breast cancer and survived.  I am too scared to ring and her as it may bring up bad memories for her.

Thanks for your help,

Best wishes,

Mum Jan xx