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Is this a pancreatic problem?

13 Jun 2013 23:41

Hello,  I first joined this site a couple of years ago when I was undergoing a few tests for vague abdominal pains and other digestive issues.

I had a sigmoidoscopy, upper endoscopy, and blood tests.  All of these were normal even though my symptoms persisted.  To be honest I felt like a hypochondriac and decided I wouldn't bother the doctor with this any more.

Well now my vague pains have become much more persistent, I have left abdominal pain which sometimes goes through to my shoulder blade.   This week I have felt a bit off colour...bit like a hangover..upset stomach etc.   Today I have bright yellow diarrhoea with oily bubbles  (sorry if too much info) and I am wondering if I should go back to the doctor.  I am worried that I may have something wrong with my pancreas. 

I keep telling myself if I have had this for two years (or more) it can't be that serious.  I would be glad of any advice.

Maggie x

Re: Is this a pancreatic problem?

14 Jun 2013 06:46 in response to Maggiev

Hi Maggie, I, m sorry you are having these disturbing symptoms, I can only suggest to return to the doctor for further investigationsand sooner rather than later I do feel this needs looking into and hope you get some answers at least this will put your mind at rest.Take care and I hope all goes well for you x Tonic

Re: Is this a pancreatic problem?

14 Jun 2013 22:13 in response to Maggiev

Hi Maggie

Not sure this would be anything to do with the pancreas as I have no medical knowledge but like tonic do think you should be seeing the doctor to get whatever it is sorted out.  Could well just be an infection that requires antibiotics but you do sound like you feel unwell and if its not improving for your own peace of mind a check up can only be a good thing.Please let us know on the forum how you are doing and try and get some rest over the weekend.Jules

Re: Is this a pancreatic problem?

15 Jun 2013 10:15 in response to jules54

Hi Jules & Tonic,

Thank you so much for your replies.  I have been trying to ignore these symptoms for over a year now as when severel dept's in the hospital tell you everything is normal you worry about becoming obsessed with your health.  I don't really discuss it with anybody for the same reason so it is good to come on here and express my concerns.  I have made an appointment with my GP for Tuesday, I will let you know how I go on.  Trouble is every time I visit this surgery I see a different doctor.

Thanks again, Maggie x

Re: Is this a pancreatic problem?

15 Jun 2013 12:04 in response to Maggiev

Hi Maggie

Glad you have an appointment to get checked out.  Our surgery is much the same (many different rooms with different docs behind the doors). It seems years ago since you saw the same one twice in a row!!!  Still make sure you 'spell out' how you really feel and hopefully he/she will be able to help. Stay in touch.Jules x