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Is my Father showing signs of last few weeks of life ?

8 Feb 2018 21:55

My dad has teriminal cancer. His been in hospital for 3 weeks now. They were saying they were going to send him home. In the next few days. But his now very cold and his callicum levels have gone high again. His on a drip for that , his in pain and he cant stand up and is frightened to go home incase he falls 

Re: Is my Father showing signs of last few weeks of life ?

12 Feb 2018 16:59 in response to Netty71

Hello Netty71

Thank you for posting.

I am very sorry to hear about your dad. I can appreciate that this is a very difficult time for you all. You would need to speak directly with his medical team about what is going on. But it does sound like your dad has advanced cancer, and that his overall condition is causing various symptoms now. The hospital team will have to see how your dad does, and what is realistic for him, in terms of the future, and planning for discharge home. It sounds like he will need an assessment done to see what community care package is needed. It may be that he can go home with carers that come in to him several times a day. Other options would be to go to a nursing home, or respite care at a local hospice. As I am not directly involved with his clinical care, it is not possible for me to comment in detail about this.  

The hospital team may suggest referring him to a community palliative care (Macmillan) team. These are often based within the local hospice or community health centre. They have expertise in controlling a patient’s symptoms, and also can support the family at this time. They can visit him at home, and they work alongside the district community nurses, in providing nursing care in the home.

I hope that this reply is of some help and that you get to find out more soon.

Kind regards,