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Inverted nipples..

12 Nov 2019 23:12

I'm a 19 year old student, I've noticed that sometimes my nipples invert, when I wake up for example.I'm on the larger side so my breasts dont have much shape but I'm really scared , both of what this could mean and actually going to the doctor about it..

Inverted nipples..

13 Nov 2019 10:13 in response to Umri

Hello and thanks for posting,

I am sorry to hear that you are worried about your nipples. Firstly, I would say that breast cancer would be very rare in someone of your age. Also, cancer symptoms are pretty unlikely to be related to nipple issues. Nipples are very responsive tissue and can be affected by temperature, stimuli, or even hormone fluctuations, (such as during your monthly period cycle).

If you remain concerned, then you could go along to your GP or practice nurse and talk this over with them. They can assess you and hopefully reassure you.

I hope that this reply helps.

Best wishes