Interviews for MedTech, Imperial College

6 Apr 2019 15:28

Dear all,


We, Ugne Peistaraite (PhD at Centre for Performance Science) and Dr Anisha Ramessur (PhD at Francis Crick Institute), are working on an interdisciplinary project that is aiming to maximise feeling of aliveness and enrichment of life for patients with cancer. The project has won a grant at the MedTech SuperConnector programme funded by the UK Government and is led by Imperial College (more info here:


We are currently looking for patients with cancer or their carers to interview them about their daily life experiences while going through this challenging journey. If you would be interested to talk to us (either in person or via call), please register here: (it should take less than 2 minutes).

Your experience and opinion are of immense importance for us. 


Thank you for your time taken to read this post.


All best wishes,

Ugne and Anisha