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Insect bite on mole

5 Aug 2019 14:09

Hey all. In December one of my moles had changed. Consultant said i have 3 moles that i need to keep an eye on. Long story short, the 1 that changed was cut out and was turning cancerous. So now all is ok, however i am currently on holiday and really paranoid. The other day I got bit by an insect on a mole (one of my normal looking ones) and it looks awful. I know its only a bite but my question is (and it might be stupid) but can it turn cancerous from the bite. It just looks like a bite, red and a lump, but because its on a mole im freaking out. So sorry for the long post, its ruining my holiday.

Any information is appreciated xxx

Insect bite on mole

5 Aug 2019 16:38 in response to SamA


Research has been done for quite a while to see if trauma (of any kind) can cause a benign mole to become cancerous and nothing has been found to prove this. Moles, without a bite, can sometimes get an infection in the skin underneath them but this doesn't cause them to be cancerous. Because your mole is already pigmented it will probably make the insect bite look much worse but don't worry, it won't make it cancerous. Go to a pharmacist & ask for some antibiotic & antibacterial cream which should help clear it up quickly. Also take an antihistamine and enjoy the rest of your holiday,

Angie (melanoma patient)

Insect bite on mole

6 Aug 2019 14:33 in response to AngieT

Thank you so much 

Put my mind at ease but will still get it checked when home just for peace of mind 

Sam xxx