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Initial Referral to Oncology as I have liver lesions

6 Dec 2017 03:19

On Monday 27th November I received my ultra sound results which was to check for gall stones.  I presented four weeks prior to this with upper abdominal pains.  Bloods were unremarkable and clear.  The results were that the GP noticed multiple lesions on my liver and I was refered under the two week rule to Leicester General.  I am now 10 days into that period with no contact.

I work in an industry that uses KPI extensively.  in 46 years I hve never used the NHS for anything serious so have little experience.

Has anyone gone down the private cliniical assessment rout and if so what was the approximate cost.  This would be privately funded.  I just feel that every day that goes past, having had the symptons for some time now, that every day wasted means my chances of recovery dimiishes  Am I being unreasonable

Re: Initial Referral to Oncology as I have liver lesions

7 Dec 2017 14:41 in response to Omega176

Hello and thanks for posting.

I can understand your concern as waiting is difficult. You could try and contact the hospital to see if any appointments have been scheduled for you soon.

Something to consider is that there is obvious expertise in the NHS and contact with other allied health professionals such as clinical nurse specialists that are not always as accessible within some private care. An option that a lot of people do is to establish whether the NHS Consultant they are referred to, also does private consultations as well as many of them do. It is tricky but not impossible to change over from NHS to Private care but best done at the beginning of treatment or diagnostic work to be honest.

We don’t have precise knowledge of private fees, but are aware that most initial consultations will be around £200. Scans can cost around 400 to 500 pounds upwards depending on which test or scan is done. Most private hospitals will have someone able to discuss likely initial costs. There is a UK website that might be useful.

Your GP may be able to help you if they have knowledge of local NHS and Private medical services to you.

I hope that you are able to find out more soon.

Best wishes


Re: Initial Referral to Oncology as I have liver lesions

29 Dec 2017 16:32 in response to CRUK Nurse Vanda
Many thanks. CT complete and secondary liver multiple tumours seen. primary is unknown at this time. I have a biopsy planned for the 2nd Jan which will tell me within 10 days where they primary is and then, hopefully. a treatment plan will be started. One question> I am experiencing pain similar to a busted rib(s) which I assume is the liver. Why am I getting similar pains in my right shoulder front I wonder? Graham

Re: Initial Referral to Oncology as I have liver lesions

2 Jan 2018 12:02 in response to Omega176

Dear Graham,

Unfortunately, it is difficult for me to pinpoint the exact cause of your right shoulder front pain. As it may or may not be connected to where your liver tumours are. Sometimes you can get 'referred pain' which is when an area causing pain travels from that area to another area via tiny nerve pathways in your soft tissue. So it can take a while actually working out where the pain originates from. I hope that this makes sense.

I hope that your biopsy goes well.

Kind regards,