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Information on dealing with cancer

18 Oct 2019 00:05

Finding it really hard at the moment wife was diagnosed with endometrial cancer about 2 years 7 months ago but things are getting so hard to cope with are things normal.

The things she really enjoyed eating she's gone off loads of food .

Smells things that aren't there.

Going to wee often but not passing much when she goes.

I try reassuring her it's ok to sleep in the day but doesn't sleep well at night.

Are these normal things that happens to people with cancer how much worse will it get before intervention is needed any information would be useful and much appreciated 

Information on dealing with cancer

18 Oct 2019 01:47 in response to MR-wojciech


I'm afraid I dont know anything about endometrial cancer but I think, if I have read your post right, that she is developing new symptoms and therefore a trip to her GP is in order.x

Information on dealing with cancer

18 Oct 2019 04:55 in response to Magpiemaggie

She sees some nurses once a week and hasn't been out of the house apart from hospital in over 7 years. She's not looking g to the future I can say so and so is on tv next week well I might not be here. Going forward on about Christmas I might not be here. Yeah she's is terminally ill but because she's not looking beyond the end of the day its hard for me to listen to. She says once I find her too much to cope with then she'll sort it don't know if she means go into a hospice type place or end her life. She's getting more negative about people helping her because what's the point attitude. That's the hard part.

Information on dealing with cancer

21 Oct 2019 01:34 in response to MR-wojciech

Sorry for the time it has taken to respond. Your wife sounds depressed, could you mention this to the nurses next time they are in? I also think you need support, is there respite care in your area? is there a 'maggies' centre near you? The nurses aren't just for your wife - they are there to help you too, so I would ask them what other support is available for both you and your wife. I am so sorry you both are in this position x