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Immunotherapy stage4 lung cancer

25 Oct 2021 04:05

Having just finished my immunotherapy  after 2 years on Pembrolizumab. I was also told that after 2 years it can do more harm than good. I am due to speak to my oncologist regarding the most recent CT scan on the 1st Nov 2021 then again a review of treatment on the 9th November. I like everyone else the treatment has giving good results and I have felt the same as before I was diagnosed . I must admit, now it has stopped you feel that you are being written off. I know this is not the case, and I'm sure and hope the oncologist reassures me when I speak to her. What is crazy I don't feel any different to before I was diagnosed. Because I have a belt and braces GP, he sent me for a chest X-ray because I has a nagging pain behind my ribs. No cough, no real pain.... and hey presto... comes back with stage4 lung cancer . The reason for my post, is just to reassure those who want to know what happens at the end of treatment. I should know in the next 2 weeks, so if you don't mind I will keep you posted 

Finally, does anyone else avoid watching things like stand up to cancer, storylines in soaps or when a celebrity dies of cancer you check to see which one it is.... or is it just me. It's like I disassociate my self from it... I guess because nothing has changed yet with any real health issues, just in my head.

Sorry if this sounds like rambling.... because it likely is.

Immunotherapy stage4 lung cancer

25 Oct 2021 20:22 in response to bryan3254

Hmm... I don't know about doing more harm than good. Next week I'm scheduled for infusion no.62 of Pembrolizumab with no signs of my consultant taking me off it yet. But then, I've gone private and my blood tests show that I'm tolerating the treatment extremely well. (But then, I've had the time to figure out how to offset the side effects, mostly.)

Oh yes, I hate those Stand Up to Cancer show too. So depressing. I'm trying to stay positive and watching people dying doesn't help me. (I'm sorry if that offended anyone, I'm just selfishly trying to survive.)


Immunotherapy stage4 lung cancer

26 Oct 2021 00:41 in response to SteveP

Hi Steve 

Thanks for your reply,

I hope all goes well will your continued treatment 

best wishes


Immunotherapy stage4 lung cancer

29 Oct 2021 14:46 in response to bryan3254

Hi Bryan3254, my husband has stage 4 lung cancer and we're in the latter stages of immunotherapy but his bloods are not good so it's been delayed for now.  We were advised that after two years further immunotherapy is shown to not contribute to better outcomes, the treatment is meant to retrain your body to attack cancer cells and after two years it should recognise rogue cells.  Now I'm with you in the TV side and cancer, I watched Coronation Street since it began but just as Norman was diagnosed they started the storyline of ovarian cancer which proved terminal in the story.  It all becomes too close for comfort and four years on I still don't watch it!  Good luck for the future.  Carol 

Immunotherapy stage4 lung cancer

29 Oct 2021 18:49 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol, 

Thank you for your kind reply, I speak to the oncologist early November for a review. So I assume she will confirm what you have said.

Once again thank you, take care X