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I’m so sad :-(

13 Feb 2020 23:03

Hey, I'm new to this and I don't know who talk to. My Dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer but it turns out his heart is in such bad order that he can't take chemo drugs. Cardiology are trying to think of what to do next but he's basically a time bomb. I'm 45 but I feel like I'm 5, I can't stop crying because this just isn't fair. He's 73, and was a young 73 until a few months ago, and he's an awesome man.  Today I can't even go and see him because I'll make him sad (I know it's not about me, I just can't get my head straight and he'll know that and he'll worry). What do I say to him? How can I be positive? What can I do? Xx

I’m so sad :-(

14 Feb 2020 01:01 in response to MrsJo

So sorry to hear about your dad

I know what you mean about feeling sad and not wanting him to worry about you, it's so hard but you will find the strength and find things to talk about. 

I'm sure just being there for your dad is all you need or can do. 

One of my relatives is going through similar situation to what you have posted.

I find it very difficult at times but I want to be strong and repay back the strength I was given and sometimes that does help but everyone is different  and finds ways or takes different time to deal with this.

I hope your dad recovers well and here if u need to talk x 

I’m so sad :-(

14 Feb 2020 06:40 in response to MrsJo

Hi Jo remember your father will be worried if you don't turn up, he will also know your worried about him. Just try to talk about anything and everything father, daughter talk. Thares still a chance specialists can work something out treatment wise. If you cry in front if him he will understand because he loves you as you love him. Best wishes........ Billy 

I’m so sad :-(

14 Feb 2020 19:06 in response to Billygoatt

Billy, I have said it before and will say it again, you are my hero!   I read your kind words of comfort and encouragement to others when you are living your daily life of trial and tribulations with such strength and fortitude! 
I hope you and Bren are getting the same kind of support and kindness that you show to others on this site
Christine xxx