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I’m scared I might have lung cancer

3 Jan 2018 01:42

Okay I’m really scared I might have lung cancer, I’m 19 I smoke cigarettes occasionally and I’ve been vaping for like 3 years, when I brush my teeth in the morning there’s darker mucus and little bit of blood in it and I’ve been experiencing a little bit of pain in my chest and and pain in the top right of my back, I’ve also been feeling very tired, I’m only 19 I’m extremely scared idk what to do.

Re: I’m scared I might have lung cancer

3 Jan 2018 06:39 in response to Wilson44
Hi, Please please go to a doctor. Be brave and think that the sooner you go, the sooner they can tell you what’s wrong. If it’s not what you dread you can treat it and if it is, the sooner you know too. Be brave, you can do it. Xxx

Re: I’m scared I might have lung cancer

3 Jan 2018 08:54 in response to Wilson44

Anuska is quite right - see a doctor.

However, at 19 the chance you have lung cancer is very slight indeed, even after a couple of years smoking. It is, however, the time of year when there are plenty of bugs about so you might have a lung infection that would need to be treated. Don't leave this, in case it turns into pneumonia. 

I also suggest you take the opportunity to give up smoking and vaping completely.  Smoking is known to cause cancer over 30-40 years exposure; vaping is probably safer than smoking, but no one knows for certain. For hundreds of years doctors thought that smoking was safe, and it was only identified as dangerous in the 1960s.

I should add that I'm not a doctor myself.