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I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

16 Feb 2016 20:26

I have cancer for the second time & now have a few weeks to live. I'm a 46 year old female. I have cancer in my pelvis, small bowel & around my liver. My bowels haven't worked since Oct/Nov. So as a result I can't eat & have been in hospital since Nov being fed thru a picc line. But it has caused major vomiting & so now I've had to stop the feed. And I now must accept I will die in a very short space of time. 

I am totally heartbroken. I always believed I would be healed. I've juiced, attended a herbalist, reiki, visualisation, meditation, positive thinking, the list goes on. But I've been told my small bowel is totally matted & there is nothing can be done. I met the love of my life 2 years ago & we're engaged. I had always suffered from anxiety & problems from childhood & went to counselling when I had cancer 5 years ago. I truly feel my life is only just beginning & now I'm dying. 

How can I make peace with dying? I was online shopping last week buying loads of clothes for the year ahead I was so sure I would be healed. I've just read Anita Moorjani's book Dying to be Me who had an amazing Near Death Experience & from what she says there is nothing to fear from death & I do believe that. I just feel heartbroken cos I don't feel my time on earth is finished. I have so many hopes plans & dreams. Sad 

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

16 Feb 2016 20:56 in response to Swiftgirl69


Hi swiftgirl and welcome to the CC forum - I hope you find support and friendship here.  Like several others on the site, I too have a terminlal prognosis.  I have no idea when this will be because I am two years beyond my expected passing by the consultants/oncologists.

Like you, I truly do not know how you ever get your head around such things.  I feel exactly the same in that I have so many things to look forward to - grandchildren being born, retirement and travelling.  We have worked so hard all our lives and for the first time my husband was earning brilliant money and planning to put a nice nest=egg away for our retirement.  We wanted to travel a little and actually spend time together and enjoy helping our children out financially and with their children as they come along.

However, my husband has had to give up work so we now have no income and our savings are dwindling quickly.  I worry about how my husband will cope financially when I have gone as he has had to stop paying into his pension scheme and will now not be able to build his nest=egg, unless the end comes along sooner rather than later.

I am sure that many people do not feel ready to leave and you spend all your life waiting for retirement and dont actually ever get there.  It is heartbreaking for many families.

Well, I am not sure I have helped you whatsoever, except to let you know that you are not alone in your situation.  Please come and talk whenever you need and let us know how you are feeling.  Much love x

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

16 Feb 2016 21:46 in response to max56

Hi max56. 


Thank you so much for replying. It is nice to chat with people who understand what I'm going through. I have thee best friends in the world but they don't know what to say most of the time & my poor fiance still believes a miracle will happen & I'll be healed. 

I wish you nothing but the best & the fact you are living long after the doctors said you would only goes to prove what I always say..... that doctors should never put a time on when anyone will die because only a much greater force can tell that for sure.

Take care & thanks again X 

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

16 Feb 2016 23:28 in response to Swiftgirl69

Darling, I am heartbroken and sad for you as well.  Is there no other way for you to be fed?  I have had treatment for ovarian ca twice in the last few years, and I know a little of what you are feeling as I felt that way when first diagnosed, a very dark place indeed.  So much to do and see but not enough time left, but at least I have had a life - I am 71- unlike you, and I still had some hope.  Fortunately my treatment is holding it at bay for now, and I haven't yet been given a time limit, nor do I want to know.  Like Max, I don't know how I can help, really, I just wanted you to know that someone is thinking of you and ready to listen whenever you need to talk.

God bless.

Hazel xxx


Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

16 Feb 2016 23:37 in response to haze44

Keep in touch and share how you are - good or bad x

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 03:05 in response to Swiftgirl69

I am so so sorry. I am 59 years old and have a brain tumor but I think i will make it. 

I have thought about dying a lot. In fact I thought about it so much that I figured out that it will happen now or later and for some reason I have become ok with that. 

Instead of thinking of the death as being sad, I finally was able to think of it as my goal, I have completed it. Now of course I can understand how thats a very hard way to think but to me the fact is true, and more than likely the fact is true for you also.

I don't think about the pain and what all of this is doing to me, because I'm not a doctor thats not my job, the doctor is doing his best to do his job and keep me going so i don't look at that anymore.

What I do think about however is all of the people I have meant in my life and all of the happiness I have had, and even the things that where so screwed up are now past and everything is alright now. I think about all of the men i did different things with and all of the women that i have meant in my life and the happiness I have had. 

Remember dear that the doctors goal is to do his best for you. There is nothing we can do about this except do exactly what he wants us to do. Thats all. We can not help him in this matter except do what he says, and we will do it, but remember we are not the doctors and they will do there best.

Instead think about everything else that you have been though. Has there been someone that you haven't seen in years and years that you can look up on facebook and say hello too. If you ever had big huge arguements with them, don't contact them, who cares. Only people that may welcome a hello. Is the best band in your life playing somewhere, have you man take you to see it. 

Death is so very funny, and so very close. Even though i may not look at god as everyone else does, i do realize that this is just a miracle that we where able to do this. i mean, its amazing, me and you talking right now, the whole entire everything being able to be alive and breath for so many years. We as humans have had a wonderful gift, no no no, it's way way more than a gift, it's a word that hasn't even been made up yet.. wonderful, peaceful, incredible, when we look into the planets around us, we have had everything. We are so lucky we have time to talk.. 

It may be over, but Im so glad i participated, and glad i meant you.. Good night and have the sweetest lovelyist dreams.. xoxoxo


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17 Feb 2016 10:32 in response to haze44

Hi Hazel


Thank you so much for your reply. I'm so glad for you that your treatment is holding the disease at bay right now. Long may that continue. Unfortunately I know my time will be a matter of weeks as I cannot feed. Although they've said because I'm 46 my heart is strong & will probably keep me alive longer. 

I suppose it would be easier if I could just lie down go to sleep & not wake up. It's the period between now & then that can be daunting as I don't know what to expect. They've already put a drug in my driver which makes me calm but also sleepy. 

Anyway thanks again for replying. I wish you all the best 


Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 10:45 in response to haze44



Ps feeding me through the picc line with tpn feed was the only way as my bowel hasn't worked in months.  And they believe the feed is causing the horrific vomiting. They also said normally they would never have given me the feed as the disease is killing me & there's no operation I can have. And usually that's what the feed is used for. For people who need built up before an op. 

They certainly haven't offered to feed me any other way as I know they feel they are only prolonging the inevitable. 


Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 10:49 in response to max56

Thank you max I will x

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17 Feb 2016 10:57 in response to DannyH



Thank you so much for your reply. It meant a lot.  I agree life is amazing. But that's what makes it harder for me to accept it's over, well this part on earth anyhow. Unfortunately I'm not well enough to leave hospital let alone go to see a band. But I like your thinking. 

I recommend a book by Anita Moorjani called Dying to be Me. She was dying of cancer & had a Near Death Experience & describes where she went to & how she was actually given the choice of coming back into her cancer ravaged body, which she did, & she was healed. But according to what she describes we certainly do not have anything to fear. 

Thanks again for your reply. Good luck & best wishes for everything.

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 11:23 in response to Swiftgirl69

Sweetheart, I am so sorry.  I hope you didn't think I was in some way 'gloating' by telling you my own situation, I would never want to do that, I just wanted you to know how sad I feel for you and that I am thinking of you.  Printed words cannot convey my true feelings, unfortunately.  I just wish I could give you lots of hugs, that's all I can say.  

My love and thoughts are with you.

Hazel xxx




Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 20:05 in response to haze44


Of course I don't think you're gloating!!  I think you sound like a loving beautiful lady & I appreciate your kind words so much. I have never even been on a forum before & it is just so comforting to message people who know something of what I'm going through. 

Please keep in touch. And I will too.

Rhonda xx 

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 20:17 in response to Swiftgirl69

I am so sorry to hear about your prognosis.  46 is no age to be facing this.   I am 51 and have secondary cancer and am going through whatever treatment I need to do until this awful disease takes me or we can find that miracle cure.  I hope that the hospital are keeping you comfortable and you are finding chatting to people on here keeps you going.  Lots of love xxxxx

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 20:37 in response to Swiftgirl69

Thank you and I wish you all the best. I just got back from radiation and it really got me good today. I just have to slow down and not do what i did .. its ok.. bye hun and good lluck

Re: I'm dying of cancer & have weeks to live

17 Feb 2016 23:37 in response to loves to sing

Loves to sing

Thank you for replying.  The hospital nurses are nothing short of amazing. We're more friends now than staff patient. I can see their lips trembling holding back tears if I have a bad day. They're so used to me being upbeat & positive.  

Even though I've been told my bowel cannot be fixed & I'm going to die I still believe I'm going to survive. I'm still shopping for clothes online for summer lol. I don't know if that's good or bad. 

I wish you all the best with your treatment.  

Xxxx Rhonda