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Im concerned

21 Oct 2019 22:25

Hi my name is Daniel im 16 and before i even knew what asbestos was i use to go to an abandoned building filled with it and i went there almost everyday for around 2 weeks probably for an hour each day then i was told what it was and i have been worried ever since should i be scared

Im concerned

22 Oct 2019 15:13 in response to DanielS1234

Hello Daniel and thank you for posting question.

Firstly asbestos is not particularly dangerous if it is left intact and undisturbed. It is really only when it is broken up that problems can occur, as fibres can be breathed in. It is usually only people who have worked unprotected with asbestos for may years who are at a high risk of getting an asbestos related disease. Short term exposure is not so likely to cause problems, although it is not possible for me to say that it is completely safe. But the risks of harm from the type of exposure you may have had are probably very low.

When problems do occur it is often decades later, so right now nothing should change with your health and the odds are that  you will be OK anyway and not get any problems in the future. So if you can try not to worry. If you find that you cannot stop worrying then do talk this over with an adult that you trust.  You are welcome to give us a call if you think it might help. Our Freephone number is 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

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