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I think it's back !!!!!!

17 Sep 2014 22:58

Hi Everyone

Well I've not been on here for quite awhile

As I've been going though alot at the moment.

AnywAy the past month or so my pain level

Has got worse and mobility had decreased

In movement to walk so I've been gp a few times

And have increased meds.

This week had to go back to gp as the pain has not

Been under controll and has spread to my left hip

And into my lower back, yet again another increase

In meds and awaiting a ct scan as he thinks the cancer

May be back and has spread to other parts ,

I'm so scared just don't know when it's going to end.

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 01:01 in response to Mylittlesunshine

I have got cancer in my spine now it started in my thyroid then lungs I am having radiotherapy on my spine which is killing the pain in my hips

It's seems to be working up till now hope this helps I no what pain you must be going through chin-up keep taking those painkillers

All the very very best


Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 07:36 in response to Mylittlesunshine

Hi Mylittlesunshine,

I am so sorry to read your latest post for you have been through so much over the past few months. As most of us on here agree, waiting for tests and results are always scary times. Sending kind thoughts and best wishes, take care and please let us know how you get on, hugs, Brian.

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 08:55 in response to woodworm

Sunshine ..... dont know what to say to you and understand that massive fear so much.  Hope and pray you are wrong.  Let us know when the scan will be.  Sending you all the love and hugs I can find x

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 21:48 in response to Dave1950

Hi dave, thankyou for you reply so sorry to her

Of your cancer diagnosis, so glad the radio therapy

Is helping your pain

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 21:51 in response to woodworm

Hi Brain thank you for your kind words as usual

I'm finding hard at the moment and knowing

My virtual friends are there helps.

Thank you for your support as always x

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

18 Sep 2014 22:00 in response to max56

Max.... Thankyou Hun, even me i don't find words

Right now, I finding it hard to function it's the not

Knowing which is hard .

All I know is the pain I'm experiencing is like no other

Pain I've had in fact it's the worsed, I can't even weight bare

A bit now and for it to go in hip and lower back

Tell me there is something not right.

I was told as well mostly likely I will have to undergo

Another operation to fix my knee with new on no matter

What the outcome is as there is too much damage for it

To of now I'm without hospital, my local hospital

Have agreed to take my care but I need it in writing from tumour

Unit where I want to leave there happy with this, so that is

In the GPS hands at moment.

I've said if they won't agree I will take legal action against them

Or name and shame them for the wAy they treated me.

Better stop tears are flooding.

Thanks to everyone for there on going support.

MAx whens your scan Hun? Hope all turn out ok hunny

And thinking of you always xx

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

21 Sep 2014 23:08 in response to Mylittlesunshine

Really hope n pray that I get a new hospital

Soon so I get my scan. Been in bed all weekend

In pain so much not able to move or go downstairs.

I feel so bad for my kids seeing me like this and

Wanting to spend time with me when I'm not able

To function due to pain and meds making you in another

Planet ....( Not sure if that's good or not ).

I had to call on call doctor out in the end to give me injection .

I thought when the operation was done that would be the

End of a horrible rollercoaster ride. Sorry for going on x

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

22 Sep 2014 08:19 in response to Mylittlesunshine

Hi Mylittlesunshine,

Sorry to hear you have been in bed all weekend in pain.But your lovely sense of humour still shows re the comment about another planet.

Several months ago while out walking I slipped on some mud and ended up attempting the splits. Luckily I was quite near my house. I was in so much pain and after a visit to the hospital found I had broken a bone in my groin area. I had to spend two weeks confined to the upstairs of my house and hated every moment of it and it was so painful to move. Had great problems try to get comfortable in bed as well, so I appreciate what you must be going through.

I hope you get you scan soon and when you get your results find they are good. Take care sending kind thoughts and best wishes your way, Brian

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

22 Sep 2014 09:55 in response to woodworm

MyLittleSunshine.  Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you.  I do not know why you are having to wait for a scan that, due to your pain, is an emergency.  Kathryn x

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

22 Sep 2014 11:58 in response to katielouie

Hi sweetheart.

I'm so sad for you. This is hard enough on you let alone having to wait. You must be going crazy.

I'm here for you 100% promise you'll call on me if you need an ear. We have this in common so can help each other.

I'm in hospital now, just started fluids, so that's me now, chained to a drip unable to move, going from bad to worse, dinners arrived. The food here is grim!

Love and hugs Dor xx

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

22 Sep 2014 23:14 in response to Doreen

Hi all thank you for your kind words and messages

I spoke with the gp secetry who is lovely and she

Advised me that she has faxed RJAH hospital

Regarding getting the paper worki need and insisting

To deal with the matter of regency.

She also asked how I was I explained and have fitted

Me on to see my gp tomorrow to see what can be done

I can't carry on like this xx

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

22 Sep 2014 23:16 in response to Doreen

Dor I really hope your chemo goes ok and you manage

To survive the food while in there,will have to get

Ya hubby to bring ya in supply's .xxxx

Re: I think it's back !!!!!!

23 Sep 2014 13:34 in response to Mylittlesunshine

Hey love

I had a curry today, I found out we have 4 different menus here!

I was really hot and tasty, almost yummy!

I pray your doing ok babe and your in my thoughts

Oh and chemo so far is ok. (Ish)

D xxx

Feel like giving up!!!

25 Sep 2014 22:53 in response to katielouie

Spent 24hrs in A&E being sent from doctor to doctor

To be only sent home .

This whole experience of having no hospital care and

No one wants to deal withe till I have proper paper work

From old hospital ....... Why is is it everything is all done to

Money not how much pain and suffering your in.

So was sent on my wAy after injection which was done

By the rudest doctor ever who thought she new it all but

Infact she had no clue.