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I really need some advice urgently

29 Sep 2015 19:01

I know this has been touched on before but I need advice on how to change my care from one hospital to another.  Do I have to speak to the oncologist at my present hospital, go to my GP or ask the hospital I want to be transferred to.  Things have gone terribly wrong at my hospital and I need to change my care as soon as possible.

I really need some advice urgently

30 Sep 2015 14:31 in response to Pauline4

Hi Pauline4

Sorry to hear that things have gone wrong for you at your present hospital. We have some information here which may be helpful to you.

You can also find information here on this NHS website.

Best wishes


I really need some advice urgently

30 Sep 2015 14:51 in response to Moderator Jane

Many thanks for your reply, Jane.  I will check out the websites now.

I really need some advice urgently

1 Oct 2015 14:53 in response to Pauline4

Hello Pauline4,

I am one of the enquiry nurses, Jane asked us if we could post on your thread.

I am sorry to learn that things haven’t been going well with the care you have been receiving.  I think your GP will be the best person to talk this over with and ask about switching hospitals. A second hospital would need an up to date medical referral with your details which your GP should be able to provide, and they may also be able to suggest where else to go. A website called 'My Cancer Treatment' might be useful.

I hope you can sort something out soon.

Take care,


I really need some advice urgently

1 Oct 2015 23:11 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Thank you so much, Julia.  I have an appointment next week with my GP.  I do appreciate the help from yourself and Jane.

I really need some advice urgently

1 Oct 2015 23:31 in response to Pauline4


Hi Pauline ..... I just wanted to wish you all the best at a time when it appears you are having difficulties. I do hope things get sorted out for you swiftly and your treatment is mostly uninterrupted.  Please know we are here for you if you need an ear - and you dont have to go into detail or incriminate anyone.  sending much love your way xxxx

I really need some advice urgently

3 Oct 2015 15:03 in response to max56

Ah, Max, that is so kind of you.  It is really nice to have somewhere to come and get help and a listening ear.  I have gone through the 'look how tough I am, getting on with my life' bit, I have been angry, cried and despaired.  I really don't have the energy for any of this anymore.  Except tears. Once I have managed to change my care, fingers crossed, I will try to explain what has gone wrong.  xx

I really need some advice urgently

3 Oct 2015 19:43 in response to Pauline4

Dear Pauline .... many of us here understand the emotions you are going through, it is so tough and I also really do wonder how to get through it sometimes.  Always here for a chat if needed and it is good news that private messaging should be re-introduced within the next few weeks -  it is not ideal to put things down for all to see at times. Please know you are not alone.  Sending you a virtual hug and I hope that your care can be sorted quickly xxx