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I need a few questions answering...

15 Jul 2019 15:17

Hi everyone. I've been having a few problems lately and I've got a few questions that I need answering.

I was told 10 days ago that my cancer is terminal and since then I've been having real trouble sleeping. A palliative care nurse came to see me on Friday but that was just about my pain. I was on the phone to Macmillan this morning and I told them about everything. I was told that I can have sleeping tablets but apprently only my consultant can give them to me? (Even though I'm terminal, I'm still under his care) Is there any way that Macmillan can provide them? Are they allowed to or should I speak to my consultant about it? 

Also I had ansession with my counsellor today and she said that I sound like I'm depressed. She thinks it's worth me going on some mild anti - depressents. Should I speak to my consultant about this too? Or is there anyone else who can give me anti - depressents?

Thank you 


I need a few questions answering...

15 Jul 2019 15:23 in response to Beingme45

I think I'm right you have to go through specialist for most things including macmillan your specialist can get macmillan or Marie curie to come to see you if needed. Hope you get sorted soon best wishes. 


I need a few questions answering...

25 Jul 2019 22:50 in response to Beingme45

your GP can prescribe anti depressants.  Hugs