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I just need to talk about my issues

5 Jun 2019 21:11

Hello everyone 

Firstly I would like to start off saying I have not been diagnosed with cancer nor would I like to cause any offence to those who have been diagnosed or has lost someone to it by talking about my issues/symptoms as it is truly a terrible terrible disease. 

Bascially this post is just pretty much me saying that I am currently lost and don’t quite know exactly where to go from my position. 

During the later stages of 2016 i found a lymph node in my neck that I was told was nothing and shouldn’t be concerned, a year later and the thing was still there, another appointment made and one blood count later I was told there was nothing wrong. 

I went to the doctor a week later to talk about my results and at the same time I was informed I had psoriasis on my scalp after the doctor performed a final check to check for more lymph nodes (she found an extra one or two in my neck and a few small ones nearer my groin. I was told during the same appointment this was “almost certain” to be the reason for the swelling. After a few google searches later of people with similar combinations of (Psoriasis=Lymph nodes swelling) I felt more at ease. 

Its been about a year and a half since that appointment and my health anxiety comes and goes thinking I need to check for more nodes and more problems with me and it’s quite frankly driving me insane. 

As of today (05/06/19) I managed to find another one if not two in the left side of my neck and that really put a dampener on my day. And because of such I am writing this post just wanting to express myself and talk about my problems as it’s just helping to talk about it. 

Ive Googled and used as many internet search engines as I can imagine wanting some reassurance about swollen lymph nodes but everything is just negative and doesn’t seem to make for good reading aside from a few forums such as this one and also (no more panic)

To be completely honest I just want to see if anyone has any similar experiences with a lot of nodes being palpabale for a white, or even if you have psoriasis too and have your nodes swell to that reasoning. 

I am sorry for this post as I just wanted to vent and talk about my experiences with health anxiety and my symptoms, any help or comments would be greatly appreciated as again, I just don’t know what to do. 

Thank you for reading 


I just need to talk about my issues

5 Jun 2019 22:42 in response to mythicalwatson

Hi, sorry to hear about your issues with lymph nodes being swollen. I’m not a doctor but was diagnosed with lymphoma in May last year, I had one large lymph node in my neck. My Gp examined me and referred me to an ENT doctor. She told me to go even if it went down. I think after examining me she knew from experience it was suspicious. My bloods didn’t show anything but I did lose a lot of weight, had terrible fatigue, had night sweats and just couldn’t face food, I also had a very itchy scalp. I know not everyone has these symptoms but they are called “B” symptoms which means the lymphoma is very active. It was only after a biopsy with ultrasound that the ent doc ordered, was it confirmed lymphoma. After a ct scan it showed I had enlarged nodes at each side of my lungs, under my arm and at my kidneys. As this is clearly giving you anxiety, I think you should go back to your doctor and discuss these issues with him. Nodes can swell for loads of different reasons but for peace of mind I’d go back. It could just be reactive lymph nodes, I don’t know if your psoriasis Would cause this but it is an auto immune disease. My husband takes tablets for his psoriasis but has never noticed his lymph nodes swollen before. I have also an auto immune disease which made my chances of getting lymphoma higher. I hope my post hasn’t given you further health anxiety and if you want to just talk and vent, this is the forum to do it. Let us know how you get on and please go and get it checked out if you are still worried. 

I just need to talk about my issues

5 Jun 2019 22:53 in response to scones

Thank you for your reply, and I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis, I wish you nothing but good support and I hope your treatment goes well. 

I honestly just don’t know what to do as it’s been two years since finding the first node and the others aren’t exactly huge, but if I dig around I can feel them. 

My doctor didn’t seem to convinced it was anything more than the psoriasis and didn’t even mention coming back for anything else which kind of put my mind at ease for the time being. 

I haven’t been to the doctors since that psoriasis diagnosis which was almost a year and a half ago and I’m kind of scared to go back in all honesty about knowing what could be. I know I must sound god awful for not wanting to know but I just don’t know what how il cope with the news regardless of the outcome. 

I feel perfectly healthy and fine it’s just like you mentioned in your response, my anxiety is probably making this all worse and I think I just need to get the courage to see my doctor. 

But thank you again for replying as it means a lot knowing that others are there to support people on this forum. 

Again, I wish you all the best and thank you again for the reply.

I just need to talk about my issues

6 Jun 2019 07:15 in response to mythicalwatson

Hi mythical 

Don't worry (easy for me to say) lymph nodes can swell for no reason at all, or they absorb bad bits in the body which cause them to swell as well there like the bodies internal cleaners, doctors know different things to look we don't., hopefully others will join you soon you can help each other,.


I just need to talk about my issues

15 Jun 2019 17:55 in response to mythicalwatson

Hi sorry to hear how your feeling, i know nothing about lymph nodes but i do know anxiety. It can make god almighty mountains out of nothing, you are able to convince yourself of anything but the one thing you have to try and do, and this is really difficult, is to trust your doctor or more over trust in the results from any tests you have, if you have an issue do pester your doctor as the only way they can make judgements is if your there in front of them otherwise they believe all is ok, pester until you have had as many tests as you can and if they come back clear you must try and accept them if you can do that if you can start to believe your ok the anxiety will stop.

I just need to talk about my issues

12 Jan 2021 15:10 in response to mythicalwatson

Hi there, I know it's been a while since your post so I hope you get this and have been keeping well. 
I came across this forum having found 3 swollen lymph nodes at the back of my neck (down a bit at shoulder height) last night and of course stayed awake the whole night worrying. I too have psoriasis which is pretty bad right now as I came off my medication due to it dampening down my immune system, which isn't ideal during a pandemic. My scalp is pretty bad just now so I'm really hoping that's the cause of these lymph nodes being swollen. I've got a Dr telephone appointment on Friday but I'm hoping he will actually want to examine these to give me a bit of comfort. 
I feel very like you and lots of others on this site, whereby my health anxiety is awful. Regardless of what pain I get, I always think the worst then become totally fixated and constantly worry about it. 
How are you doing now? Do you feel better and did you ever have any further investigations or issue? 
I really hope you don't mind me asking given this is an older post but I just thought it was similar to my issue and it did actually provide some comfort at 4am this morning when I thought it was something much worse. 

I just need to talk about my issues

4 Feb 2021 22:01 in response to baileysmum

Hi, I just came across this forum after researching the same things. I’ve got swollen lymph nodes on my neck and back of my head. I was also told it’s due to my psoriasis and nothing to worry about - this was over 4 years ago btw. Recently I noticed some more swollen lymph nodes in my neck, and booked a docs app. The doc said she will see me this Monday and hopefully I’ll finally get to the bottom of it. Did you end up getting it examined? And did the Dr say it’s linked to your Psoriasis? I hope you got it sorted :) 

I just need to talk about my issues

4 Feb 2021 23:22 in response to abby_wa

Hi there, sorry to hear you're in the same boat. I went back to my GP on Monday as the one on the right at the back of my neck was slightly bigger. She examined them again and said it's around 1cm but smooth and movable and given my bloods came back fine, she said she's not concerned at all and try to only check them once a week (I check them every 5 mins). I've watched a few you tube videos and called the Macmillan help line for reassurance as I was still really worried. I do have pretty bad anxiety just now, so that's not helping. I have no other symptoms, so when I think rationally it makes sense that it could be my psoriasis as they are quite bad just now. Plus, I'm trying to remind myself that she's an experienced GP and they have felt plenty of swollen glands over the years. From now on I'm staying away from google as I think that's what made me panic as it's all worst case scenario. I've read loads now and it's definitely a common problem with scalp psoriasis, especially as I tend to scratch mine too. I think if you've had them for 4 years it's very likely that's what's causing yours too. My Dr said sometimes they don't go back down as they calcify a bit so not to stress too much or they could take months to go down. Please let me know how you get on. I'm sure you'll be fine. X