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I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

13 Jan 2022 01:29

Hi, I'm Alice and I'm 16 years old.

I found a small, hard, circular lump just above my right nipple maybe a month ago now. I know it seems stupid to have left it so long but I've lost track of time really and sometimes forget about it, however whenever I am reminded of it anxiety just completely flushes me out.

I sometimes get sharp pains in that breast but also sometimes on the other which could be irrelevant to the lump but it's still only just started since I found it. My mum recently went for an examination because she found one about a week before I did and it was just a fatty lump (thank god) but I am just so scared of the reality of it. I know it's worse to sit here worrying about it when I could have it checked out in no time but I'm just so terrified of the whole thing I've waited for it to just go by itself. 
i know it's not the smartest thing but I want to leave it and see if it goes, if it doesn't I will have to tell somebody. I wouldn't say I'm scared of having a dr examine it, I'm just simply scared of the reality of it being out there to my family as I'm still so young and I wouldn't want anyone worrying that my health is threatened severely.

I felt safe coming here to tell anyone who takes time to read these and give me any advice they feel is necessary.

thank you for taking your time to help me Happy

I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

13 Jan 2022 02:06 in response to ps24

Hello Alice,

               it can be very scary to find something like this,and judging by the time of your post you are awake and worrying about it.,So its easy to do nothing about it and hope that it will eventually just go away on its own,in the meantime you will continue just to stress and upset yourself. You cannot start to fix anything until you accept that its not right and that you need something about it

                                                                                                          l would say the person that we would trust the most in our lives would be our mums, and can you imagine how upset they would be if they knew that you had been keeping this a secret and that you had not let them help you?, There is likely to be a simple explanation,which can be easily sorted ,and then you can put your fears aside.,

l think you should tell your mum and share your problem,get it sorted,and get on with what is really important,  enjoying this special time in your life to the full,

                                                                                             take care and don't put off doing it.


I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

13 Jan 2022 04:47 in response to ps24


I've had a couple of scares and have used this forum looking for advice and to share my emotions.  People here are amazing, but you must get it looked at, 

If you read most of the posts it's lumps or pain for various reasons not necessarily cancer.  It's only natural to feel scared and worried and everyone here totally understands where your coming from.

Talk to your mum that would definitely help.

All the best Kernow


I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

13 Jan 2022 09:46 in response to ps24

Hi Alice,


I can completely understand your post and not wanting to worry your mum. It's natural to feel scared and protective of those you love but you mustn't let yourself suffer either. You are very young and there are so many reasons for lumps etc so the absolute best thing you can do is see your GP, they will talk to you about next steps if there are any.

It's your choice if you tell your mum about this or not but I promise you your mum would rather know and support you. Us mums tend to take our job pretty seriously about looking after our children and no matter the worry we may have we always want to know, be there and help. The fact that you are worrying alone makes me want to help you and so for your mum that feeling will be tenfold. 
If you want to talk anymore im sure we will all be here to listen x


I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

13 Jan 2022 12:41 in response to ps24

Hi Alice,

Please don't worry! At your age there are still normal changes taking place in your breasts, and a lump does not signify something serious. for example Lots of girls and women have something called fibrocystic breast changes which is harmless and related to hormonal changes/menstruation cycle. So it is up to you, your mum got hers checked out and she is fine. Also your mum will understand and be able to support you if you decide to tell her (I'm a mum and I know I would want to know but it is entirely your decision) . Try and see your GP and get examined rather than worrying about it and it will put your mind at ease.

I hope this

I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

14 Jan 2022 23:02 in response to Beautiful_day

thank you, this has comforted me quite a lot. I do know that it could very possibly be a growth thing and a development thing, and I also have no cases of cancer within my family. I'm still deciding what to do but these comments have helped me a lot : ) 

I found a lump and I’m too scared to tell anyone

14 Jan 2022 23:03 in response to worried2022

thank you so much for your reply! It means a lot that you took your time to help me, I will take your advice in and I'm still deciding but thank you