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8 Aug 2020 19:46 in response to JaneRose

Hi Jane, how did your test etc go? 
I have similar at the moment. I'd had lower back/hip and abdomen pain for a while, so I spoke to doctors about it. My doctor just referred me to a physio for the hip pain, she focused on me working at a desk and seemed to ignore my other symptoms of discharge etc. The physio has requested a hip X-ray. Whilst this was goin in I'd organised my smear test just to double check things. My smear came back hpv positive and abnormal cells so now have the colonoscopy appointment in September.Just a little worried it is something more(my mum died of cancer within 6 weeks last year so it's scary knowing how quickly things change). And feel the doctors an physio/smear probably aren't linking up.


16 Dec 2020 21:02 in response to xemmax1

Hi I'm in this situation I have my colposcopy 3 days ago and they have removed what they believe is cancer and have sent it off to find out the stage or something to be honest I kinda blocked him off a little I've had abdominal pain is that normal also I don't think I can wait that long it will drive me crazy I'm in a bit of denial I think my husband makes jokes to deal with it that's just how he works doesn't offend me if anything it helps but I can't tell anyone that I'm afraid of the outcome 


10 Jan 2021 15:51 in response to Rachel11

Hi xemmax1 how are you doing? Any news ? I hope you're well


10 Jan 2021 15:53 in response to Ang84

Rachel11 are you ok ? Did you got all your result?


28 Jan 2021 17:48 in response to Rachel11

Hello xemmax1

I am in a similar boat.

Had my loop done 10days ago awaiting results (4 weeks)

My husband is a very positive person and tries to make jokes ect.Sometimes i feel he is just ignoring it all and if he dosnt think about it it will just go away.

Please keep posting and letting everyone know how you are all doing.It helps to know other people are going through the same.

Thank you Ladies.


28 Jan 2021 21:31 in response to ELENA13

I got a letter after my first smear to say I have high risk hpv and high grade dyskaryosis. 

I have a colposcopy booked in for next Friday. They also included a leaflet for the loop exicision will they do this at the same time? 

i feel so worried. 

thanks xxx


28 Jan 2021 21:40 in response to nat124

Hey ladies 


Just wanted to come on here and wish you all well with what your going through... 


since my first post in 2018 I've had cin3 removed twice and last check up was last Monday... where a smear was taken.. they put the dye into my cervix and yet again for the third time they said there is changes but until the results come back they can't confirm if CIN 1,2 or 3... I've not been able to get rid of the HPV as of yet (will find out if third time lucky once I get my smear results) if high grade again I'm being advised to have a hysterectomy which is fine I'm very lucky to have all my children..Just wanted to say I'm here if anyone wants to talk.. I know going through it a third time sometimes you just need to talk to someone who understands what your going through xx


29 Jan 2021 01:01 in response to nat124

Hi Nat124

They did with me.Once the had a look and agreed with my Cin3 results they did the loop and took a biopsy.

It depends what they see.

Good luck 

Keep us posted on how your getting on.


29 Jan 2021 01:06 in response to Rosierose1988

Wow 3 times.

I dont know how you have stayed sain.Im going out of my mind and im first time round.

Every day is different 1 day im ok the next im a complete mess.

Im waiting on my results, but cant help thinking of the worst.I know you shouldn't but cant stop.

Good luck Hopefully this time round it gets sorted for you.



22 Feb 2021 23:23 in response to Rosierose1988

Hi Rosierose

i can relate to this I had a loop in 1987. Then no one told you what grade I was if they did I can't remember. I did develop genital warts which I went back and forth at the gum clinic to get them frozen off. It took 10 years before they never came back. I think my immune system is low, I do have Lupus so I'm not sure if that didn't help. Although my smear tests have been clear up to 2016. I've just had a smear test recently and was shocked to find the results saying I have high grade HPv with low grade abnormal cells. I'm due for a coloscopy on 19th March 2021. Someone on another post said they have only started testing for HPV in 2018 so I am thinking did I never get rid of the virus even though it came back clear. I'm never going to find out now. If I have had a loop can I have another loop? Sick with worry 


24 Feb 2021 14:21 in response to Rosierose1988


I have just been reading though all these messages about everyone's experiences. Some make me feel more positive, some don't but that's just the way things go. 

I had CIN3 a year ago. I had LETZ treatment and I thought that would be it. 6 months later I had another smear and then some biopsies and it was moderate dyskaryosis. I was then booked in for some more treatment but they decided against it on the day as I haven't had children yet. (And they were hoping it would go on its own after another 6 months) 


6 months later and now my smear has come back with high grade dyskaryosis. I now need to go for more treatment. I just hope this is the last of it and it won't affect having children etc. 

slightly worried :( 


27 Feb 2021 00:33 in response to cat_5


Hey I am in similar situation my cells went from low to medium to high CIN, I have had 4 Lletz treatments done in very short spaces of time the last one was done on the 9 December 2020 since then I have had light bleeding every day since it's much heavier during and after sex I hand recently started having a dull ache in my lower back, and down my leg I'm 33 no children I'm scared out of mind that it's going to be bad news I rang my consultant nurse and she is sending out appointment I also have  HPV. I hope you get better results and everything is settling down x 


5 Mar 2021 05:42 in response to sharon31

Hi , sharon was wondering,  the same as the last girl currently diagnosed way cin 3 , but I have been having severe leg pain back pain and burning in my hips , am really worried as I have 4 children age 10 , 7, 12, and 17 months old , have appointment now on the 25th of march for the large loop excision,  just afraid that maybe the results from these may be cancer x do they test the tissue they remove from this x 


28 Apr 2021 22:25 in response to Helen88

Evening all, reading through this thread as I got my smear results last Thursday. HPV plus abnormal cells plus severe Dyskosis (probably spelt wrong). Last smear three years ago was normal so totally freaking out. I'm booked in for a coloscopy on Saturday morning and have a horrible feeling it isn't going to be good news.

if anyone else can offer any words of advice or has been in a similar position and can share their story I'd really appreciate it.  I feel like the more knowledge I have the better! 

thank you x


10 Jun 2021 22:48 in response to california13

Hi all,

Jumping on here as reading through the posts have been so helpful.!

I stupidly missed a couple of smears (8 years since last one), finally had one around April. Results came back showing high risk HPV with high grade dyskosis. I had an appointment sent through which was only 3 days away from receipt of the letter. My head was absolutely all over! Had no idea what was going on or what to expect.

Attended colposcopy on Tuesday 4th June, was totally not ready. Had the wrong underwear on and tight jeans on durrr! But I had no idea they would perform the LLETZ then and there. I was petrified! I was given a local anaesthetic which made my legs shakey. But the proceedure itself was totally fine, I barely felt a thing. After an hour of waiting afterwards I drove home.

for me, the hardest part has been the aftermath. First the Orangey discharge then the smelly black stuff. And constantly wearing sanitary towels which I hate. I feel like I smell all the time, always spraying perfume. I have been bloated much more, tired and irritable. 
Now waiting for results of the biopsy, I'm not even sure what exactly I'm meant to expect?

It's been mentally draining so far. And totally feeling everyone's pain. A mum of 3 boys - 5, 10 and 14.


Anyway, that's my experience so far xx