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How were you informed you have cancer?

28 Jan 2017 15:40 in response to kimchoson

I haven't actually been diagnosed as yet (but, after CT scan, upper GI endoscopy and biospies all carried out within the last 3-4 weeks and no follow-up outpatients consultation at either my GP surgery or at the hospital that did the tests until Monday 30/01 I have received (by Post) today another outpatient appointment at a specialist cancer facility, so can only assume the worst i.e. that they suspect or have even found cancer somewhere, although only last week they were trying to make a second CT scan appointment before the outpatients appt. about the results of the first tests had been reported back to me at outpatients so this may be a false alarm.  What do others think (apart from their communication methods being questionable or even negligent of course!)?


How were you informed you have cancer?

28 Jan 2017 16:40 in response to Cornishscot64

@ Cornishscot. ~~ Maybe something gave the testing facility a false reading and they need these follow-up test before they can give you a definitive answer. I think we all think the worse as more days pass without a 100% confirmation of a diagnosis. I'm hoping it is because they are behind the scenes working diligently to get the diagnosis right. All my best...

How were you informed you have cancer?

28 Jan 2017 16:51 in response to Cornishscot64
I don't think you can get away from being worried but hopefully it will be good news. I got a letter to return to doctor who arranged my CT scan to be told my biopsy from endoscopy had showed cancer, none of it made sense and the way I was told was just awful.

How were you informed you have cancer?

31 Jan 2017 11:28 in response to Joni

Had my outpatients appt. with original hospital's Gastro consultant - they have found a tumour in the top area of my tummy near but not exactly at the junction of the oesophagus but are hopeful that although already 3cm in size it is not quite "game over" for a number of reasons, not least my general wellness overall otherwise. Have been given prescription for protein meal drinks to build up my muscle mass in case surgery is required (very likely I should think and the rest!) Still have to have the Thorax CT scan and outpatients appt. with Oncologist but seems to be a single localised tumour only, i.e. nothing showing elsewhere in abdo/pelvis area so finger's crossed that is truly it for now !

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2017 15:04 in response to Abc
Hi...i had an endosccooy/Hysteroscopsy 2.5 weeks ago i have had numerous phone calls asking me to contact the Dr concerned after many attempts with no success i got another phone call today stating the Dr/Consultant needed to see me st the Well Womans Clinic this friday .. less than 2 days to go....could this be bad news they wouldnt spk to me on the phone

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2017 15:14 in response to Nici

I went to the breast clinic on Monday. I had a mammogram,scan and a biopsy. Doctor told me it doesn't look good and I could have cancer. 

I go back Friday for the results.

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2017 18:29 in response to kimchoson
Hiya We was told at approx 5.15pm on a cold dark wet Friday evening in march. With no contact numbers or advice or anything....only come in clinic Monday at 4pm!??? SHAME ON YOU NHS Thank god for private healthcare

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Sep 2017 18:31 in response to Cornishscot64


how are you getting on???

How were you informed you have cancer?

7 Sep 2017 07:54 in response to kimchoson


i had a appointment to see my doctor and specialist nurse, I was told face to face and also confirmed by later days afterwards. 

Hope your alright x

How were you informed you have cancer?

9 Sep 2017 15:57 in response to kimchoson

I had a biopsy last week.  They took two samples, one for the outpatient clinic (there and then) and one for a more in-depth analysis by pathology.  I was asked to come back because they'd had no answers from the basic tests available in the clinic and had to wait for pathology to give them the results from their sample.

My appointment was yesterday and the consultant asked me what I was told when they gave me an ultrasound and took the biopsy.  I was told what it wasn't - a cyst, an abscess or a fibroadenoma - but nothing about what it was.  She said, "Well, you have breast cancer.  Sorry to blurt it out like that."

I had no problem with the way she told me because as I said, there's no way to sugar coat it.  I was told clearly, concisely, with no euphemisms which meant I'd have to 'guess' I had cancer and then ask the question, "Does that mean I have cancer?".  I really appeciated her directness and honesty.

It turns out that my particular type of cancer is very rare, which is why they were unable to detect it from the out-patient clinc biopsy sample. 

Mentally, I'd already prepared myself for it, so I feel fine.  It's just one of those things x

How were you informed you have cancer?

9 Sep 2017 20:37 in response to EmilyM

I "knew" I had cancer before the test results were confirmed, the doctor called me on the phone with the news.  He was kind and supportive but did not sugar coat anything.  When I was first diagnosed I couldn't even say the word cancer, I just called it the Big C.  It has been fourteen years since that day and some days it still feels like a weird dream.

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Oct 2018 19:28 in response to kimchoson

I came home late and opened a letter telling me they had found cancer. I am still in shock

How were you informed you have cancer?

6 Oct 2018 23:23 in response to kimchoson

Hi, I was informed over the phone by a consultant, it was over two weeks since my biopsy and I phoned his secretary to see if results were in and she told me she would email him. I was due to go on holiday so the day before I was due to go he called me with the news, to say I was shattered was an understatement, I couldn't even say anything, I squeaked out a "ok" a few times, didn't really take in what he was saying to me, advising cancelling my holiday and seeing a haematologist ASAP. 

He did apologise for telling me this way but it was to catch me before I went away. Still a shock no matter how they tell you.

How were you informed you have cancer?

20 Nov 2018 23:05 in response to kimchoson

I had an overian cyst removed and the surgeon phoned me to say it wasn't cancer, it was abnormal cells and asked me into his office to discuss the results. I went in with my husband and he said the same thing band that he wanted me to have chemo as a precaution. Then he took me in to talk with his colleague - who said it WAS cancer. Shocked couldn't begin to describe how I felt and he left the room and his nurse took over. I did have ovarian cancer. At that point I fell to pieces and sank a qtr ltr of brandy that night. This was about 13 years ago but it has stayed with me, not the way to be told.

How were you informed you have cancer?

7 Jun 2019 04:50 in response to kimchoson

My husband had a ridged cystoscope previous day stay overnight The following morning consultant came round shouted over to him Yes it is cancer It was a 4 bed ward at the time my husband was talking to the other men on the ward He said it went deathly quiet has they all heard it He rang me up crying I went straight up to the hospital to see him to comfort him I was so upset Could not find consultant anywhere with all the stress and anxiety I never complain I had enough to worry about Feel better now I have told someone