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How many times must I be told!

29 Jun 2019 12:51

I must have had 8-10 emails telling me someone wanted to contact me and as try as I might, I couldn't find them.  The emails were the same format just repeated again and again.


Cheers,  Tony.

How many times must I be told!

29 Jun 2019 13:02 in response to Kleftiwallah

Hi Tony. 

Are these emails that you've recieved from Cancer Chat? If so I'm really sorry. 

Could use possibly use the Contact a Moderator form which i've linked for you here to give us a bit more information. 

I can try then to help if someone is wanting to make contact with you. Or if it's a technical gremlin we can get this looked into by th team on Monday.  


Cancer Chat moderator

How many times must I be told!

24 Aug 2019 15:02 in response to Kleftiwallah

Hey i get that maybe aol prob just go onto top box put in cancer chat then sighn in and messages amount come up in a number .say 10 messages they come up then .your bypassing aol if thats email acount your using or any othere