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How long before I can talk again after vocal cord surgery?

21 Jul 2019 01:13

I have recently been diagnosed with T1a SCC left vocal chord and the agreed treatment was for laser resection which is all a bit mumbo jumbo to me however the agreed treatment was for laser surgery as I  was informed that radiotherapy took a lot longer (six weeks once a day) and that I  would be losing an option if this was unsuccessful so agreed to the laser treatment option which I had on Friday 19th-7th-2019. I know it is early days but I have not been able to speak since the surgery and was informed that there may be less aggressive surgery to follow if there are any signs of cancerous cells on my check up, can anyone give me some indication when I may be able to speak again, bare in  mind the Surgeon said my laser treatment was aggressive and I may require further surgery of any traces of Cancerous cells were detected, I would appreciate any information from anyone who has been in a similar position, I am very worried at the minute as I  have just found my dream job and my world would end if I was made redundant because of health problems or not being able to speak.

How long before I can talk again after vocal cord surgery?

21 Jul 2019 18:23 in response to luckyron123

Give it a bit more time LuckyRon, I have T3 in the underside of Epiglotis just above the vocal chords, had laser resection on 3rd July after being told i might not be able to eat and drink normally afterwards I woke up feeling fine and been able to do everything but just being a bit careful and slightly softer choice of menu.  However they have told me that they have not got it all so they are going to do it again in a couple of weeks time, not sure if I will get away so light a second time.  It seems we are on a similar treatment plan, laser as much as possible then play the Radiotherapy card if it fails.  My doctors have said we can only play that card once and it does not work so well on cartilage tissue so that why laser is the first choice for me, I think probably for you as well.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to lubricate the voice box and dont try to speak all the time give it a rest.  We had friends round yesterday and I am quite sore today from laughing and chatting and my voice is gravelly so not talking much today.  Best things to lubricate and cool are ice lollies and milky drinks I found, yoghurt drinks are nice and good for you.  Let me know if I can help and good luck with getting the voice back, am sure it will come but dont force it.

Love and best wishes Mo 

How long before I can talk again after vocal cord surgery?

22 Jul 2019 10:58 in response to MO60

Hi there 

I hope you’re feeling better after your surgery. My dad has been diagnosed with left vocal chord cancer he has a meeting tomorrow to meet the doctor and I’m presuming to do is his plan I’ve seen a few people on here like yourself had laser for this my dad has been told to have 4-6 weeks of radio therapy no surgery mentioned. I was wondering why he wouldn’t of been given that first though he’s been told it’s curable and it’s all the way up the vocal cord. I am so worried. 


How long before I can talk again after vocal cord surgery?

22 Jul 2019 18:04 in response to Peachk01

Don’t worry unduly. Vocal cord cancer, caught early, has a 90% rate of CURE, not remission, but cure. I had 2 surgeries, one to remove the leision for pathology, and a further lasering. After this I was advised to have 4 weeks radiotherapy. Parts of this were not pleasant, but well worth it, as 16 months on I am cancer free and living a normal, healthy life at 68 years old. Radiotherapy is much kinder to the voice than surgery. Having had both my voice is certainly weaker than it was, and a bit husky ( which I quite like ) but absolutely fine other than that. Radiotherapy is painless and, apart from a red neck, which is very bearable if you liberally apply cream, and difficulty in swallowing, although I could continue to eat everything throughout, plus a nasty, hacking cough for a couple of weeks : that was the sum total of my discomfort.  So, best of luck with the treatment, when things are difficult just remember 90% cure. Should you require any further insight into this please ask away, we’re all here to make this as easy as possible.

How long before I can talk again after vocal cord surgery?

22 Jul 2019 22:41 in response to Woodstock

Hi Woodstock, seems there is many different thoughts on how to treat voice box cancer.  My guys in the South have all said something different, one wanted radical surgery, one wanted Radio and the one I am going with says lets just take a small piece at a time so I have my life worth living, but mine is in an awkward place...  However if I get away with 2 bouts of surgery and a cure I cannot complain.  Glad you are free of the dreaded disease.  

Peach just get your dad to discuss all of his options with the team and remember we are all different.  Get someone to write it all down but they should discuss what treatments are available and the statistics of each one.  Good luck and keep in touch and as Woodstock says this cancer can be cured.

Best Regards Mo xx