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How do you not Google?

11 Oct 2018 11:09

Good morning ...

I fear that my head will explode before Results Day...

I was lucky enough to be selected for early breast screening (I’m 49.5yrs) and skipped along to my mammogram, recieved a recall for Four days ago which my husband accompanied me to (I’m usually a very emotionally independent person but looked on this as a weird kind of compliment I could give my husband to ‘let him in’!) Having soothed myself by convincing my head that they just hadn’t got a clear enough image, I was a little (a lot!) blindsided that a 16mm hard lump had been found and they now needed specific imaging and a core biopsy done (all a blur and pleased to say I didn’t feel a thing)

however......I have survived the last 4 days on a handful of hours sleep, googling images of cysts (appear as black) and cancerous (appear white like my image)

Please tell me that not all images showing as solid white are cancerous? I’m not sure I can last waiting another 24hrs minimum (they told me I MAY get a call to reschedule Results if they have not recieved them)I have 2 children and an ‘only’ mother (lost dad 4 yrs ago) I just don’t know how she will cope

How do you not Google?

13 Oct 2018 20:55 in response to CaramelLatte

Welcome to the forum CaramelLatte although I'm sorry for the reason you're posting.

It is very hard to resist the urge of using 'Dr Google' when waiting for results, but as you're finding out this search engine has a tendency to crank up our fear and worries about worst case scenarios so do try and stay away from it if you can. Not getting much sleep will not be helping you during this time either so do try and find ways of staying calm and relaxing so you can get some rest.

I do hope you've managed to get your results since making this post but if you're still waiting I will have my fingers crossed it won't be for much longer. 

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator