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How do I get GP to take Ovarian Cyst seriously?

23 Aug 2019 14:40


Ive poster here previously and my symptoms are still very apparent. Bleeding (stopped now due to tranexamic acid), pelvis pressure, bowel irritation, lower back pain and sharp pain in my left ovary. I’m almost certain it’s an ovarian cyst, i can feel it when i press down just below my hip bone and it’s hurts so much and I am seeing the doctor on tuesday. However, I’m very aware, as I’m only 22 that they often don’t take me seriously. I really want to get an ultrasound to check everything out but I felt dismissed last time I visited, this past monday, because I was ‘young’. I’m also very afraid of it being ovarian cancer and I just need answers as soon as possible because it’s all i can think about. 

How do I get the doctor to take me seriously? 

What are the chances of it going away on its own?

What are the chances of it being cancerous?

Thank you so much 


How do I get GP to take Ovarian Cyst seriously?

23 Aug 2019 15:54 in response to mrshmallowavoider

Hi Mrshmallowavoider

Thanks for your post,

I am aware that my colleague Wanda did respond to a similar post on the 20/08/19.

I would say that there isn't much for me to add other than restate her advice. I'm afraid we can't tell anyone what is causing their symptoms.  

My advice is to see the GP again, go through the symptoms you have, explain how bad they are and make them aware of your concerns.

If the pain gets worse over the weekend, you can try calling the NHS 111 number

Good luck at your GP appointment on Tuesday.

Take care,