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How clean is clean?

19 Sep 2017 18:37

I understand one of the biggest risks to chemotherapy patients in the risk of infection.  So, I am doing everything I can, in terms of housework, to minimise this risk before my husband enters treatment on Monday.  I've written to our family and friends and asked they're really careful about visiting if they've got a cough/cold, just back from holiday etc. I have anti bac hand wash and gel in the kitchen/bathroom, I plan to change beds and towels twice weekly (we have separate bedrooms), and am getting into the habit of wiping down (disinfecting) every surface in the kitchen daily.  I also have a regime for the bathroom: anti bac wipes for the loo, paper hand towels for guests etc. I just want to make sure I haven't overlooked something really obvious. Can you offer any advice?

Thanks in advance

Re: How clean is clean?

19 Sep 2017 21:37 in response to SusanRuth

Hi there 

sounds like you're doing a great job in preparation for your husband's treatment. 

Another thing to be careful about is in the preparing of food - wash/peel vegetables etc. 

Good luck I hope it all goes well for your husband. 


Re: How clean is clean?

19 Sep 2017 22:40 in response to MandyM74


Hi SusanRuth,

It sounds as if you have done as much as you can to safeguard your husband from infection. Having put all these contingencies in place, I hope that I don't insult you by advising that you ensure that everyone washes their hands properly. Many people tend to rinse their hands rather than wash them. You can find posters on many of the health care sites advising on how to do the job properly.

Mandy is right too. Wash all fruit and vegetables and take special care in food preparation.

I hope that your husband responds well to chemo.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Re: How clean is clean?

20 Sep 2017 00:46 in response to SusanRuth
I used to carry a small bottle of hand wash in my bag and also had one in the car. Be careful not to get to obsessive though I only changed the bedding once a week Make sure he gets a flu jab if the doctor say's it's ok.

Re: How clean is clean?

20 Sep 2017 07:45 in response to MandyM74

Good advice Mandy and Jolamine, thank you. x

Re: How clean is clean?

20 Sep 2017 07:47 in response to river56

Hello River56, yes, I've done that and I've also got a dog walking kit, including disposable gloves and hand gel, sorted for when he's feeling up to taking our little girl out for a walk.

Thank you x