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How can they be sure?

18 May 2019 17:31

I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer on Thursday, surgery in 2 weeks, radiotherapy and then tamoxifen. I asked the doctor if this could be secondary cancer and he said breast cancer is always primary? 

Im really confused. I feel very positive and he told me it was curable but how can they be so sure I don’t have it somewhere else and this is secondary. I’ve had pains in my ribs for months now, he has offered me a chest x-ray to put my mind at ease but bit nervous something will show up.

thanks for letting me ramble x

How can they be sure?

18 May 2019 18:06 in response to Ploppy

Hi Ploppy.

There are times when you just have to trust that the medics know what they're doing, and put yourself in their hands.

As for the chest X-ray, I understand all too well what it's like to balance the fear of not knowing if there's something wrong against the fear of finding out there actually is something wrong.  You're not the first person to face this dilemma, and you won't be the last.  

The question I ask myself is whether I would really be happier not knowing, or would I prefer to know if something is wrong so that something can be done about it as quick as possible.  It still doesn't stop me worrying about the results, though. 

How can they be sure?

18 May 2019 18:35 in response to telemando

Thanks Telemando, it is hard though isn’t it, I guess the fact that they picked up something so small and have been so thorough should tell me something I guess x

How can they be sure?

5 Jun 2019 00:51 in response to Ploppy

They told you stage one, that means they can tell its early and not mutated passed a certain point. They can tell by the cells. As each grade the cancer moves further into different areas. 

Thats deffo how they know. 

I'm not an expert but that is my understanding. 

Also they see this day in and day out, they'll simply just know too by looking and their experiences. 

Trust them, it's hard, but do try.

But question where you feel you need to, you need to understand everything.