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Holiday Insurance

6 Sep 2018 13:19

I’m very upset. And very cross this morning. I had my medical screening declaration from my travel insures after they accepted the cancer and brachytherapy when we phoned. It was all wrong. They’d itemised both endometrial cancer and uterine cancer but no brachytherapy. So I rang them. Upshot is they won’t insure me because of the brachytherapy. They did say they would listen to the phone call and if we’d declared the brachytherapy they would honour it for the one trip, When they rang back they told me that hubby had mentioned brachytherapy but because he had said it was follow up treatment and not an additional treatment they would not honour the insurance, They would still cover me for everything else but suggested I go somewhere.else for the cancer cover. I’ve looked into it. It’s going to cost me £1000 for one trip if I take it out now but if I wait until 3/10 the day after last brachytherapy session it will be £250. I’m just so upset. It’s taken the shine off my holiday and I feel as if I’m being punished. I wouldn’t have booked the holiday if they’d told me they wouldn’t cover me. Any suggestions?

Holiday Insurance

6 Sep 2018 20:52 in response to Sundial

Just taking you back to home page,  as someone may be on later who can help ....

Holiday Insurance

7 Sep 2018 08:42 in response to Sundial

Hello Sundial,

Really sorry to hear this has happened to you and is causing you so much stress. I hope you can nonetheless relax and enjoy your holiday. Are you going anywhere nice with lots of sunshine?

I thought I'd share this link with you to specialist policies and insurance companies in case it is useful to you. Perhaps you could also contact BIBA (British Insurance Brokers Association) and they might be able to advise you:

I also hope you will get some good tips from our members who may have had similar experiences before.

I hope you get this sorted soon so you can enjoy your travels and have a relaxing time forgetting about all this insurance stress!

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Holiday Insurance

7 Sep 2018 09:04 in response to Moderator Lucie

Thank you Lucie. I’ve looked into sone of those from the page you’ve suggested and visited tge BIBA site already. The sticking point is the question is Has it been suggested that you have radiotherapy, chemotherapy or brachytherapy to treat the cancer? Difficult because the cancer has gone completely treated by the surgery. I also had 92 lymph nodes removed which were all clear and was told the brachytherapy was a follow up to lower the risk of reoccurrence. So technically speaking it isn’t to treat the cancer, which has already gone, but as a preventative measure. I didn’t really know how else to answer the question with my own insurer and when completing the screening online the only answer ps are yes or no.  I answer yes because I needed to tell them about the brachytherapy and the insurers either refuse or hike up the price or say no but then they will come back to me if I claim and say I hadn’t mentioned the brachytherapy I think I’m just on a loser here and it is very depressing. I’ve had a rubbish six months and now this, I booked the holiday the day after my insurers accepted the condition on the phone. If the pay had refused I wouldn’t have booked it until I’d found out prices and looking at those I probably would have chosen a holiday in the UK. Sad