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High grade dyskaryosis but no hpv

17 Nov 2019 18:50

I am a ******  for not keeping up to date with my smear tests I suffer with really bad anxiety and that doesn't help  I recently managed to get one done I could tell from the nurses face that there was a problem I waited 3 weeks for my results and they finally came back high grade dyskaryosis but no hpv I've got to go to hospital this week for a colposcopy I'm absolutely petrified , I have a bowel disease too so if I'm not hurting with that then I'm in alot of pain in my belly sharp stabbing pains and if I get up to quickly they leave me breathless I've always suffer with a lot of urine infections and my periods one minute are hardly anything them the next really heavy leaving me to have to run home to get changed do you think that I would be eligible for  a hysterectomy I have had my children and my hubby had the snip I'm just fed up with the pain everyday and the morphine making me feel so drugged up all the time 

High grade dyskaryosis but no hpv

18 Nov 2019 16:42 in response to Blondiesam1

Hello and thanks for posting on the forum,

I am sorry to hear about all your different concerns. You sound like you are having a horrible time. HPV is usually present with High Grade Dyskaryosis but this is something you could ask about when you go for your colposcopy appointment. 

Try not to worry, high grade dyskaryosis means that they have found some abnormal cells.  Abnormal cells are not cancer, however it is important that they are looked at more closely at colposcopy.  The colposcopist may take some biopsies from the cervix and sometimes treatment is offered the same day to remove the abnormal cells. The colposcopist may decide to wait for the biopsy results before treating the area, but the colposcopist will explain what needs to happen for you at your appointment.

The colposcopy clinic are used to anxious women and I am sure they will try and put you at ease.

We can't diagnose why you are getting all your different symptoms that is something that you would need to discuss with your GP.  Hysterectomy may not help with these symptoms as you say the pain is coming from your bowel. 

Do make an appointment with your GP so you can go through your different problems. I am not sure why you are having regular morphine.  If this is not controlling any pain you are having this is something that needs to be reviewed by your doctor.

Do try and take one step at a time.  It is very easy when you have several problems that it can all become very overwhelming.

If you think that it would help to talk things through do give one of the nurses a ring on the helpline. The number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040 and the lines are open from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.

Best Wishes,


High grade dyskaryosis but no hpv

18 Nov 2019 16:46 in response to CRUK Nurse Catherine

My smear tests results said I'm hpv clear no signs but high grade dyskaryosis so bit confused thought hpv caused the dyskaryosis

High grade dyskaryosis but no hpv

19 Nov 2019 12:57 in response to Blondiesam1

Hello and thank you for your further post,

Yes you are right nearly all (99.8%) causes of cervical abnormal cells (dyskaryosis) is by a type of HPV. However, I am afraid I cannot tell you more about your situation and give you an explanation for your results.

Because of your high grade dyskaryosis result you need to now be seen at the colposcopy clinic, being seen there is not dependent on you being HPV negative or positive. This is where your cervix will be looked at in more detail and if an abnormal area is seen a biopsy is taken which will give more information about the abnormal cells.

When you are at the clinic you will have an opportunity to ask about your screening result and you might find that the specialist doctor or nurse there can give you an explanation.

I see that your colposcopy appointment is soon, so I hope it goes well.

Take care,