Together we will beat cancer


Hi twin two

23 Apr 2020 18:23

Well it's made my day / week / year just seeing you back ... I was so so worried ... can't wait for a catch up ... your totally amazing ...  welcome home to our little chat foram ....

Big vertual hug... Chrissie xx

Hi twin two

25 Apr 2020 14:05 in response to Chriss

I'm not sure if @TwinTwo ‍ has seen this post yet Chriss so I'm just going to tag them so they can be notified and have a lovely surprise when they log back in.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

P.S It's lovely to have you back Twintwo Happy

Hi twin two

25 Apr 2020 14:49 in response to Moderator Steph

Thanks Steph...

So pleased just to see her answer a thread ... it's like a big family, and it's so nice to know someone's o.k .. she's one brave lass ... she made the word brave go to a new level ..  Chrissie x

Hi twin two

8 Oct 2020 23:32 in response to Chriss

Oh my word Chriss I feel awful that it's been so long. I have no idea where the time is going. Admittedly I've been sleeping a lot when not working, but still!

I miss my CRUK family. I must make more effort to ensure I log in and check in on everyone. I still think of folk but it feels like weeks have passed not months.

Thanks so much for your care and concern. xx

Hi twin two

9 Oct 2020 20:50 in response to TwinTwo

Just so good to see you are still around ... made my day ... Chrissie xx