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Hi there

2 Mar 2018 12:07

Hello. I'm a new boy. It seems I have something pretty rare. A SCC of the urethra. But all that means to me is there is not much experience in fixing it. To help me emotionally I have started a website which explains.

Re: Hi there

2 Mar 2018 14:23 in response to Nilwilly

Hello nilwilly.  I had to check it wasn't the 1st of April to make sure that this was real!  Sorry.  I just hope that when your penis is removed the cancer will be found not to have spread.  Your member has certainly had more than its share of attacks in earlier years but nothing like this one.  Is anyone known to have the same problem (and cure!)  I looked up the different kinds of penis cancer on this website; for the benefit of any men who have not plucked up the courage to read the blog yet, Wilnilly has a squamous cell carcinoma but it is inside his penis.  Actually I imagine most of the men on this forum are pretty hardened to stories about their vital bits in the same way as many women on this forum are about ours. What needs to be done, well it needs to be done.  Are you going to keep us informed via this forum or do we need to read the blog?  When is your operation going to take place.  I would like to know how  you get on.  Annie

Re: Hi there

5 Mar 2018 04:22 in response to Annieliz

Hi Annie, no its all real all right. 8th of March is D Day. As my blog explains, I've run the gauntlet of emotions. Now i just want to get on with it. While the surgery is a big deal for me, it is an established  op for invasive penile cancer that they cant stop by nipping off the end. The rariety issue is the cancer itself and we wont know if that's a problem until they have a look at a couple of lymph nodes they will take as an add on to the op. If it has escaped we have a problem as no one knows how it will behave.  But thats a problem too far to worry about yet.

Im happy to keep you guys updated here. But please do also folliw the blog too. Click "Follow" or whatever it says at the foot of the blog page and it will send you an email whenever I add something.

Roll on Friday and let the scalpels be sharp, the hands steady, and the pain relief drugs good.

Cheers, Nilwilly

Re: Hi there

7 Mar 2018 11:09 in response to Annieliz

Just posting to send good wishes and hope your op will soon be over without any problems.  Australia being ahead of the UK timewise I am posting now as I will be sleeping peacefully while your op gets going (I trust you will be sleeping peacefully too under the anaesthetic).  Will look forward to your getting over this without too much bother and to hearing from you again soon.  Annie

Re: Hi there

10 Mar 2018 13:24 in response to Nilwilly

Got your post on the blog.  So pleased all has gone well and that they seem to have got the whole cancer and the lymph node was cancer free.  The pain and discomfort will pass and you will be left with, well not much really in that area!  Also the drain lines, morphine delivery and catheter will gradually go as you gradually improve and use your new plumbing.  I look forward to hearing more about your progress.  Annie