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Hi people

25 Feb 2013 17:22

Hi everyone,

I survived to surgery and for now I'm clean!

Love, Sofia

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25 Feb 2013 17:55 in response to sofia

Oh Sofia,

That's absolutely brilliant news. It has really cheered me up. I was wondering why you havent been on here lately and wondered if you were having surgery. Your input has been really missed. I just knew if anyone could get through surgery, you could.  I hope that now you can put all your problems behind you and make a full and complete recovery.

While you have not been on here, I went to post some letters and ended up doing the splits which I will not be doing an action replay of I can assure you. I ended up breaking a bone in my groin area and I have never had so much pain. But I am getting over it now and hope to soon be chasing my wife round the table again shortly.

Sofia, thank you for udating us and I am so pleased to hear you are cancer free.

Please take care.  Sending best wishes to you, Brian

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25 Feb 2013 18:01 in response to sofia

Fantastic news Sofia.So very delighted for you. Sending you many hugs and best wishes.Jules

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25 Feb 2013 19:26 in response to sofia

Brilliant news sofia! Wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery.

Lucie, the mod

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26 Feb 2013 00:13 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia

That's amazing news!! I'm so glad!! You worked so hard getting through so much to get there!! And now have the reward of being cancer free!! This news apart from being fantastic for yourself will also help so many others who are struggeling with treatment at the moment!!

I know it has lifted my spirits to hear some good news and particularly knowing how much you've been through!!

Big hug!! Ann x

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26 Feb 2013 13:26 in response to sofia

Yay, Sofia! Really pleased for you

Wishing you a speedy recovery from your surgery.

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27 Feb 2013 11:20 in response to Moderator_Renata

Hi Sofia - I am so delighted for you.  You see there are some good news stories on this forum and yours will be inspiring for all who read it.


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28 Feb 2013 12:08 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia my name is Bash and I am a fellow cancer survivor your good news is an inspiration to us all keep thinking positively and take care.

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28 Feb 2013 13:39 in response to sofia

i am glad your surgery went well i am pleased for you.take care


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1 Mar 2013 18:51 in response to sofia


its a brilliant news sofiaa i am sooo happy for u

my best wishes are wid u i miss u soo much xx

inbox me

love rablaa


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1 Mar 2013 19:01 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia

My name is Marnie and I'm so glad to hear of something so positive! Take care and put your feet up! x

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1 Mar 2013 19:48 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia, do pleased to hear your news, stay strong and well honey xx

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1 Mar 2013 20:04 in response to sofia

Great news

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2 Mar 2013 18:12 in response to sofia

Wonderful news Sofia, that was no minor or low risk operation by the sounds of it (wasn't it on Valentines Day - Feb 14 ?) - I hope your huge bravery is rewarded with your cancer staying away for good this time, you so deserve that.  Love and best wishes to you Katielouie x 

Re: Hi people

5 Mar 2013 11:47 in response to sofia