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Hi, GP wants to see me after my ultrasound

1 Dec 2021 17:56



I might be worrying about nothing, but I have been going to my doctor's now about swollen veins in my scrotum,

With covid etc it's been 2 years of trying get into my doctors again to tell them it's getting worse, 

Now I had my ultra sound last Friday,  and today I received a call from my GPs sayingmy doctors wants me to book an appointment to

To discuss my test results, when I asked of everything was ok, they said they not allowed

To talk about it and my GP wants to talk with me, 


I'm feeling sick just thinking about it and I got to wait now till the 16th December to see my GP, 

Do they have to see me face to face to talk about results even of it was all clear, 

Or does it mean they have fount something.






Hi, GP wants to see me after my ultrasound

2 Dec 2021 05:25 in response to WaynaldoT

Hello, I understand your distress. Hopefully everything will be ok but I agree that waiting until the 16th December can be a terrible ordeal. One possibility is for you to call the GP and ask the secretary either to change the appointment or to have a phone call appointment soon, explain that you are very distressed and the situation is affecting your mental health (you cannot sleep, you are anxious, etc), usually the secretary can help. Be aware that because of Covid, there has been a change of policy and doctors now can discuss cancer diagnosis over the phone, something that in the past was completely out of question. I wish you well, take care of yourself and be positive. With best wishes, 


Hi, GP wants to see me after my ultrasound

3 Dec 2021 19:10 in response to WaynaldoT

I used to be a GP receptionist and this was usually the worse part of my day, calling patients to say doctor wants to discuss results but then having to book them for an appointment for ages away. What I will say is that if it was anything urgent like cancer the doctor would say to book an urgent appointment which would have been in the next few days- if not squeezed in sane day. The fact that it's been booked weeks in advance makes me think it's not urgent.

I also had lots of patients calling to say they were worried and didn't want to wait that long so I would usually send a quick note to the doctor in question -laying it on thick that the patient is extremely worried, affecting mental health etc- and they'd usually say to fit the patient in sooner or for a telephone call even that day. Sometimes as patients, we unfortunately need to advocate for ourselves and I always respected the patients that would speak up for themselves. Us receptionists would try our hardest to help the patients, but unfortunately doctors have the final say.