Together we will beat cancer



18 Jan 2019 17:45


Not sure if anyone is reading this and anyone’s reading this will probably roll their eyes and think that it’s not funny but I wanted to share anyway. 

Okay so I was put will my dad today and I stood under a tree and my dad says to me ‘be careful standing near those trees’ and so I responded with ‘why it’s not gonna fall on top of me is it?’ To which my dad responded with ‘no but they look a bit shady!’ 

Yeah probably not the funniest or must amusing on here but it’s a classic so if I did make you smile I have succeeded. 

Best wishes 

LizzieJo xx


18 Jan 2019 20:02 in response to LizzieJo

LOL. Belter!! 

Hahaha! I’m going to screen shot this one and use it at work on Monday! xxx 


6 Mar 2019 03:58 in response to LizzieJo

This made me chuckle!!