Together we will beat cancer


Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

5 Sep 2019 11:50 in response to Billygoat

Hey Billy, you got me ;D ! I will talk with her ! Thank you

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

5 Sep 2019 11:55 in response to Shellbell10

Hi ShellBell, thank so much for your kind words!

I'm so sorry, I'm not coming here so often because I was so busy...hapilly I have more time now Wink

Would be a great pleasure chat with you  Wink

Love, S.

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

5 Sep 2019 19:28 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia, your very welcome.

I am so happy for you, bet you can't believe it. Not many people can say they were terminal then go into full remission. I think your an inspiration to everyone. 

The work your going to do, being a psychologist is a fantastic idea. It will help loads of people. Talking is the way to go. Finding this forum and the breast cancer forum has helped take my mind off just everything. When your alone with time to think, you just think about all the bad things and what's going to happen. So I wish you all the luck in the world for your new little venture. You'll be fantastic.

I have secondary breast cancer with bone, liver and omental layer mets. I may have it in the lining of my lungs as well, got an appointment on 1st October for a scan. I got ascites weeks ago and they drained 10 ltrs from my stomach. 3 weeks later it was back again and got the same amount out. They've put a permanent drain in now and the district nurse comes everyday to drain it. 

I asked about immunotherapy to my oncologist and she said they didn't do it at that hospital. I might look to see what hospital offer it. The only problem with that is getting there. I'm going to mention it again, I see her on the 12th. My oncologist isn't the easiest person to speak to. She seems to dodge the questions you ask her.

Anyway, ill say bye for now. Wish you good luck with everything you do. Hope you remain in good health. Lot of love

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

9 Sep 2019 11:34 in response to Shellbell10

Hi @Shellbell10 Laugh,

So sorry to hear you are passing through so much. About your doctor “not being easy to talk”, unfortunately that is a common complain. I feel that sometimes they are not prepared that people are informed, other times they thought there are anything more to do and are afraid that the patient are spending time and resources on treatments they think it will fail.  On my own experience, we should ask and try to obtain response…and even look for a 2nd opinion. There are a lot of different approaches, different places and doctors, sometimes the doctor just be allowed to offer that treatment on that haspital. Unfortunately, I can’t assure you that immunotherapy works on you, we never know, but for many who doctors thought it wouldn’t, it worked!

About terminal people who survived, well despite I consider myself as a survivor, I still have afraid, not a 100% of sure, as you can imagine. But yes, I’m hopefull!  During my process I was inspired for a lot of people with incredible stories and I felt they open my mind and gave me a sort of orientation. Ben Williams is one of my role models. He wrote Survival to a terminal cancer, also have a documentary easy to find on the internet Wink . It doesn’t mean I did what the others did, but I became a believer: I convinced myself that have options! And I was lucky enough to have had it.

 I will never know if my new behaviors contribute that much to improve my health condition, but they make me feel a kind of empowered/a bit in charge: I started working out on a regular basis; eating better, sleeping more.

About my project:

Thank you so much for supporting me on my project. My project called Dealing with cancer- psychological support. The website is almost done in Portuguese, and then I will translate it English. The thing you said about the support on chats is so true! Unfortunately for some has a negative side, because may put down some people who are not prepared to read other stories that make themselves feel more insecure. The idea is through psychology people explore what is happening in their life and explore the best strategies to face it.

I feel a mix between enthusiasm and afraid…moving forward into the unknown creating my own job; on the other hand I feel I have a “PHd on the unknown” Laugh !  The point is, cancer change us and I feel I changed a lot, not only outside but also inside, I don’t feel I want any career which wouldn’t be meaningful for me. Cancer made my route to be psychologist much more complicated…since had to postpone my master 5 times. After my Master’ s degree I could only exercise psychology after a year internship recognized and accepted by the entity which regulate this profession in Portugal. I found an opportunity in a company (you may guess that were not super easy to find a job after years fighting against cancer… Recruiter ”what did you do all this years till you finished your studies? Because I can see a gap between them, on your cv” me: fighting against a cancer”… Not the answer they want to heard) were I worked half time in a Human Resources department, half time as psychologist…didn’t like HR that much, not even felt it was good to my lymphedema’s leg being like 8-10 hours sit …

 I was thinking on psycho-oncology since 2013 and patient advocacy… My afraid is that despite my prices won’t be super high, people can’t pay or don’t look for this kind of support once is paid, or not having enough patients… unfortunately I can’t live as volunteer, if so, I would love it!

Take care Wink 

Sending love and good vibes, S.

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

25 Sep 2019 09:59 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia, this will only be a quick one. I've been in hospital for a while now. Had a bad reaction to chemo. Blacked out and had a seizure. Then it's been one thing after another. They've given me weeks to months to live. I'm just not in the mood to chat for long. Thank you for replying to my post. And I wish you all the luck in the world. You can do it. Speak soon. Xxxx

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

25 Sep 2019 10:41 in response to Shellbell10

Hi Shellbell, 

So sweet from you answears me, please don't apologize for write a small text, you maust be exhausted! You are such a cute lady, hope you are surrounded by love.

I'm so sorry for what you have been throught and for that awful news! My fingers are crossed for your recover from this bad side effects and for you feel good enough to live much as you can feeling confortable and loved. No one can predict our life, you are lovely enough to beat odds;) See you soon Wink All my love S!

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

25 Sep 2019 22:27 in response to sofia

Hi Sofia, thank you so much for those lovely words. I will try and pull myself round to reply properly to people. Speak soon Sofia, and thank you again. Xxxxx

Hey Guys ;) Sharing my happy ending!

25 Sep 2019 22:36 in response to Shellbell10

Hi again ShellBell10,

You are replying so well but it's ok if you don't feel mood, if you are sad or mad! It's just ok if you come here and scream with everybody (here you may scream through caps lock! :)).

Give yourself time to make what you want do to. Nobody need to pretend anything!But obviously you are such a nice person which make are always sweet. When I'm ****** of I'm really awful, believe me!

We are here for you, no matter what!

Love, S.