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Help/advice needed

22 Nov 2015 13:02

Hello all, on this cold but sunny afternoon.  Can anyone help me please?  Tomorrow should be my last week of five of radiotherapy but because I've been unwell, I've been unable to attend all of them and so have eight sessions remaining.  For the past three weeks, I've been feeling as if I've had a bad cold but it just wouldn't go away despite dosing with paracetamol as advised by the hospital.  On Monday last week, I woke up hot and very shivery which got worse as the week wore on and I was unable to attend on Wednesday.  I had to get a taxi to and from the hospital on Thursday as I felt that weak but thought it would be worth it as I was due to see the consultant and she would be able to help me.  Yes, when I feel better, you can put me in the stocks and throw rotten tomatoes at me for being to stupid.  She was very unhelpful and quite brusque and when I said I was thinking of contacting my own GP for help, she said that when I'm under their care, they don't want me contacting my GP.  Has anyone else been told that?  She did arrange for a blood test.  When I came home I felt that bad that I had to contact my GP surgery and, within two hours, a doctor had visited me at my home and said that I had a temperature caused by an infection and prescribed antibiotics.  On Friday I was even worse and couldn't get out and my pharmacist actually brought my prescriiption to me.  I feel so let down by the hospital but my GP and pharmacist have at least restored my faith in parts of the NHS.  Now for the puzzle that I need your help/advice with.  I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror this morning (bad move) and apart from a cold sore on my lip, have no colour (do any of us at the moment?) but something else wasn't right.  And then I realised.  My eyebrows have nearly all gone. Where, why, how?  I finished chemo over six weeks ago. I checked the "nailbrush bristles" on my head and some of those are coming out.  I understood radiotherapy didn't cause hair loss other than the area in which it's being used so why am I still losing hair from my head and now my eyebrows?  Has this happened to anyone else?  Also can anyone tell me realistically roughly how long it will take for my hair to start growing back?  I've seen (for me, unrealistic) photos of supposedly chemo patients six weeks after they've finished their treatment with quite thick heads of hair, albeit short, but their scalps were covered in dark hair.  As you can tell, I'm far from "battling" at the moment, but have started to get my appetite back (I had a boiled egg for breakfast; now, now, don't get jealous) so hopefully will start to put back some of the weight I lost last week and perhaps even find some missing eyebrows.  I can but hope.

Take care everybody and try to keep warm.

"Un" Battling Babe x

Help/advice needed

22 Nov 2015 14:30 in response to Battling Babe

Hello Carol, I am so sorry that you're feeling so bad at the moment and are very disillusioned about your hospital care.  

I have just replied to your last post to me on another page, but have now discovered this latest post from you saying how rough you've been over the past week.  I really hope the antibiotics do the trick and you are back on your little legs soon.

I don't recall losing my hair or eyebrows due to RT, but I did with my chemo of three years ago, along with head, eyelashes and all bodily hair, though as I wear glasses the lashes and eyebrows weren't too noticeable.  Maybe as it's only 6 weeks since your final chemo it is still affecting you?  It' s so dispiriting when the consultants etc. are dismissive of our worries, though I have to say my team have been very good so far.

Glad that your appetite is improving, (a boiled egg?  You little devil!) and I see that you still have your sense of humour - good for you!  Come on, gel, bring back that Battling Babe!  

Take care, 

Hazel x











Help/advice needed

22 Nov 2015 15:28 in response to haze44

Hello Hazel.  Thank you so much for that.  Perhaps I am expecting too much too soon.  I was told by someone at the hospital when I still thought they knew what they were talking about, that I would have a thick head of hair and would need a hair cut within three months.  As I'm over halfway there and it's still breaking off, I don't hold out much, if any, hope of that happening.  But at least it'll be a good excuse to wear a Santa hat (nothing else, just a Santa hat. Oh, that's made me feel cold just saying that) over Christmas.  There's no stopping me now; a boiled egg for breakfast, chicken casserole and dumplings for lunch followed by two marzipan fruits, and it's not even Christmas.  What a devil!  Hazel, as I'm still relatively new to this, I can't work out how I can reply to your other post, here, so I won't, but I'll reply to that, there.  I hope you understand what I'm talking about as I don't.  I blame the marzipan fruits; perhaps there's alcohol in them.  Best have another one to make sure.

Lovely to hear from you Hazel.  Do take care.

Carol xx

Help/advice needed

22 Nov 2015 17:35 in response to Battling Babe

Hi, Carol, 

My goodness, you have done well food-wise today!

Yes, it is a bit complicated sometimes on this site, but my other message is on your other strand headed "Hello again" which you can find listed by clicking on to your avatar on the left of page and then clicking on It.  There you'll see your message about the reindeer and my reply is on page 2.  (Hope you haven't had too many marzipan fruits yet or you won't know what I'm talking about!)

It was just to say sorry for the delay in replying as I've been busy blocking up my fireplaces and hope you are OK, which of course I subsequently found out you haven't been, poor you.  Hazel x

Ps have just found your other post, sorry I thought you were saying you couldn't find MY other post.  Oh, shut up, Hazel, sounds like I've been at your marzipans now.

Help/advice needed

22 Nov 2015 19:28 in response to haze44

Ho ho ho!  Yes, it sounds very much like you've been at my marzipan fruits especially as I started with twelve and now only have two left.  Good though, innit?  When's your next chemo session Hazel?

Do take care and night night, sleep warm.

Love Carol xx 


Help/advice needed

23 Nov 2015 20:29 in response to Battling Babe

I had a chest infection and I was due to take my steriods the day before chemo so I rang the hot line phone number for advise as I hadn't been to a doctor yet to confirm this no reply they rang back and said ring after nine which we did no rep,y back. Phone the cancer nurse no reply rang Gp made an appointment agent to see own Gp who said chest infection and your very wheezy prescribed antibiotics and steriod for asthma eventually the nurse rang we cancelled treatment for next day and treatment was book for a weeks time. I complained that the hot line was not so hot and not very helpful in an emergency. If you are ill you need a Gp if you can't even get advise I wouldn't take any notice of them 

Help/advice needed

24 Nov 2015 17:19 in response to puds

Hello puds (love that name).  Thank you for that.  Yes, it's a very hit and miss affair and quite a bit of difference between what should happen and what does. It's disgusting that a "hotline" is only open from 9am, It's just as well that we take notice of our own little inner voices and contact our GPs when we should.  I hope you're getting through treatment as well as you can.  Take care.