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help with positive thinking

5 Aug 2017 09:04

I have just had a biopsy on a swelling in my neck. I have been told there are secondary cancer cells in my lymph gland and have to have ct scans and MRI scans to determine where the primary source is coming from. I am scared as I still don't know what I am fighting and how long I may have left.

My husband lost his dad and sister to cancer at a relatively young age and is finding it very hard to accept as we are literally inseperable, have an amazing relationship and are complete soul mates.

We are both finding it hard to find the strength to be positive.


apart from the diagnosis, I am feeling extremely fit and healthy with no other symptoms apart from the neck swelling which I was originally told it was glandular fever back in April.

Re: help with positive thinking

5 Aug 2017 09:13 in response to micra52

Hi Bingo66

Just to say hang in there - my husband was diagnosed with primary tonsil cancer with lymph node mets following a biopsy on a swelling in his neck in December 2015 . Following treatment hes been in remission for a year and is living a normal life. I know when you hear those words 'cancer' you immediatley fear the worst - I know we did but once its clear what treatment is needed following the CT- MRI etc you will feel more in control. Wishing you loads of luck and if you have any questions re what we went through feel free to ask. 

Best wishes